How DIFX is bridging the gap between traditional and digital assets
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How DIFX is bridging the gap between traditional and digital assets

How DIFX is bridging the gap between traditional and digital assets

With a growing startup ecosystem and tech-driven individuals, the Middle East region is on the verge of becoming a global fintech leader, says Jeetu Kataria, co-founder and CEO at DIFX

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How do you see the growth of the fintech sector in the Middle East?
It’s remarkable to see the growth of fintech in the Middle East region, from payment solutions, blockchain, crypto, digital banking, etc. All have made tremendous leaps in innovation and implementation. The region’s growing startup ecosystem and technology-driven individuals show great promise in revolutionising the region as a global fintech leader. However, I think its success also greatly comes from the leaders of the region who are always forward-thinking.

Tell us about DIFX and how are you bridging the gap between traditional and digital assets?
With DIFX, we wanted to create a product that will enable users to adapt to the growing digital economy seamlessly. Our mission has always been to create a new financial order where traditional and digital assets coexist. We give our users a secure and insured ecosystem to trade between multiple asset classes. Our exchange allows users to freely cross-asset trade between assets like Bitcoin and gold, Ethereum and Apple stocks. It was impossible for a lifelong multi-asset trader and venture capitalist to trade on different platforms for different assets. Therefore, we wanted to develop a platform that would provide a multi-asset trading environment that could easily solve this inconvenience for many other people facing a similar problem.

Tell us about your nomination programme in brief.
As crypto interest and investment increase yearly, the need to secure your digital wealth for the future grows imminent. We have introduced the blockchain-based nomination programme, wherein a user can nominate a beneficiary to receive their digital funds upon their death. The user can nominate anyone from their family, friends and loved ones and allow them to legitimise their claim upon demise.

What are some of the most popular cryptocurrencies and assets listed on your exchange?
We are predominantly a cross-asset exchange. On our platform, users can trade between different types of asset classes. They can have unique trading pairs like BTC and gold, Ethereum and silver, BTC and silver etc. Traders can choose from the 60 unique cross-asset pairs and build a diverse portfolio of assets. Similarly, the exchange also hosts our own utility token called DIFX.

What’s your advice to someone looking to invest in crypto assets?
Crypto is a highly volatile and risky environment where unknowing/green traders often invest in projects for the hype and exaggerated returns. Trading as per social media trends is not sustainable because doing research is fundamental in crypto. Unfortunately, crypto is not always safe. Traders and crypto enthusiasts need to be highly aware of the possibility of scammers looking to rob them of their funds. Never send money to a wallet address without checking first and seeing the actual contract address of the projects.

What are your plans for the year ahead?
We are always in the mindset of innovation and constant development. Our new brand revamps, and launch signifies this mindset. We want to create a platform that allows users to bridge the gap between traditional and digital assets and prepare them to thrive in this digital economy. We will also be looking to get our token DIFX listed on the world’s top crypto exchanges.

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