Tonomus CEO on transforming Saudi Arabia’s NEOM
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Exclusive: Joseph Bradley on transforming NEOM into an epicentre of innovation

Exclusive: Joseph Bradley on transforming NEOM into an epicentre of innovation

Tonomus CEO explains how NEOM’s first digital communications facility will connect the city to the world by rolling out and using cutting-edge telecommunications

Kudakwashe Muzoriwa
How Tonomus is transforming NEOM

Tell us more about Tonomus and the role that the company will play in the development of the futuristic city of NEOM.

Tonomus has a vision to become the world’s largest multinational technology conglomerate by building and investing in cutting-edge cognitive foundational networks, data centres and applications, and attracting the world’s brightest minds.

The company will transform NEOM and the region into an epicentre of innovation and the inauguration of the Tonomus.NEOM Telecommunication Center is a stepping stone toward turning this vision into reality.

The Tonomus.NEOM Telecommunication Center provides access to reliable, high-speed communication solutions, enabling individuals and businesses to stay connected. It ensures that NEOM has a seamless, sustainable and uninterrupted experience tailored to the demands and use cases of a cutting-edge cognitive region.

What are some of the key highlights of the NEOM Telecommunication Center?

The facility powers a software-driven network for cognitive solutions that is projected to service up to 60 locations, some 1,800 structures, an estimated 300,000 construction staff needed at NEOM by 2025 and 200 million IoT devices by 2030.

Tell us about the key services that the Center will provide to the NEOM ecosystem and the tech vendors working on the mega-city project.

The inception of the facility provides an opportunity for the integration of multiple technology vendors and service providers, including solutions by stc, NESMA, Huawei, XFusion, Redington, Comatec, GGC, SARA, RAM, TSS, Fortinet, F5, NEC, PSIM, G2K, Samir Group, Exclusive Networks and Maxvision.

Different fields impacted include AR/VR/XR experience, gaming, computer vision, content creation and delivery, healthcare and life sciences, manufacturing, 3D visualisation and modelling, and more. The benefits offered will be provided via a software-driven network powered by the Center for Cognitive Solutions. Its key capabilities include a virtualised brain that operates the software-defined infrastructure, Network IPV6 and core MPLS SRV6 to route data make the network smart and programmable and the software enables the operation and connectivity of the various infrastructure elements in an automated fashion.

The Center for Cognitive Solutions’ premium services will enable digital platforms and digital development centres, its modular architecture enables ongoing upgradeability/scalability while the dynamic infrastructure services are tailored to the demands and use cases of a cognitive city.

What does the launch of the centre mean to Tonomus? How does it tie up with Saudi’s digital transformation strategy under Vision 2030?

The kingdom has been quick to invest and welcome innovative technology and cognitive solutions that bring its digital transformation strategy to a whole new level. The centre will specifically provide opportunities in the edge infrastructure, adopting sustainable technologies for powering SDI, creating a programmable network to reduce traffic flow, and introducing various layers of telecommunications technology and fibre that ultimately will prevent connectivity at NEOM from failing.

The centre will connect NEOM to the world by rolling out and using cutting-edge telecommunications space and subsea connectivity to Asia, Europe, and Africa. It will power the cognitive region by connecting all of NEOM’s smart features, managing the flow of data, and enabling the processing of information.

How do you expect Tonomus’ predictive, personalised and autonomous solutions to support the NEOM Connect strategy?

The centre plays a key role in the NEOM Connect strategy, which will serve its residents and businesses with unparalleled connectivity via a sustainable, secure and highly available network that lowers the cost of operations and opens up a world of opportunity in edge infrastructure.

By combining satellites with connectivity infrastructure such as fibre optics, 5G towers, and 6G launchpads, Tonomus is developing a ubiquitous digital ecosystem that promises instant connectivity across NEOM, including hard-to-reach and challenging environments.

The amalgamation of Tonomus’ cognitive solutions making up its infrastructure will be vital in constructing a high-fibre, ultra-connected ecosystem at NEOM that will travel across
over 60 locations.

Tonomus represents a blueprint for expansion and a major step toward NEOM’s goal of becoming an economic engine for the region and the world.

In your opinion, which tech trends will drive the growth of the digital economy in Saudi? How is Tonomus positioned to win big with the focus that the kingdom has on digital transformation and economic diversification?

Saudi Arabia is reimagining what urban life should be by facilitating and integrating new cognitive technology infrastructure, to make our lives future-driven and fully connected.

Machine learning, cloud computing, blockchain, the metaverse, and artificial intelligence are more important than ever in accelerating our assimilation of the digital universe with how we experience the physical world.

Companies worldwide are investing more actively in AI solutions that will change the way we work, think and live. It all starts with cognitive connections and ensuring the infrastructure holds up to this promise.

Tonomus has the infrastructure and portfolio to build a hyperconnected, sustainable and accessible future that is proactive and predictive. Its solutions will redefine how we connect/compute/communicate, enriching the lives of residents by optimising services that simplify the daily routine and free up time.

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