Honor rebuilds its presence in the Middle East market
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Honor rebuilds its presence in Middle East region

Honor rebuilds its presence in Middle East region

The global technology brand celebrated its second anniversary this year


Global technology brand Honor celebrated its second anniversary this year.

After its separation from the parent brand Huawei, Honor has begun its own journey with the goal of becoming a premium technology brand.

It developed its own image from a tech brand focusing on the youth market to a global provider of smart devices and a premium brand committed to developing technology that empowers people around the globe to go beyond.

Additionally, the return of Google Mobile Services to the brand’s smartphones made a huge difference in the global markets.

Honor has managed to tackle all the obstacles and return stronger than ever by putting its core values – consumer-centric, strivers-oriented, simplicity and efficiency, openness and innovation and the pursuit of excellence – into reality.

Mafeijian, GCC country manager of Honor Device said: “Previously, Honor was a leading tech brand for global youth, Honor now aims to become a leading global provider of smart devices that enables a smart life across all scenarios and all channels, for all people, creating a new intelligent world for everyone.”

“To achieve this, we are upgrading our product portfolio and internal operations to offer products specifically designed for high-end and general users. We aim to have a comprehensive portfolio catering to different price ranges.”

In the year 2021, the brand launched Honor 50 in more than 40 markets.

Meanwhile, the year 2022 began with the debut of its very first foldable flagship Magic V in China.

Honor this year defined its product line-up of smartphones into three categories solving users’ pain points and bringing them products based on the consumers’ demand.

It launched flagships such as Honor Magic Series, Honor N and X Series.

This year Honor also introduced its Magic Series with an aim of delivering the technologies, the latest breakthroughs in camera capabilities and AI technologies.

The Honor N Series smartphones – on the other hand – are known for its dual-ring design, along with the advanced enhancements across the camera, performance and SuperCharge.

The budget series – Honor X Series offers durable devices at an affordable price point and with the highest quality.

The brand has developed innovative technologies for building out platforms across areas in performance, structure, design, camera, telecommunication, charging.

It also owns capabilities in crucial technologies such as GPU Turbo, Link Turbo, multi-camera photography and navigation. Relying on global leading R&D and innovation capabilities, Honor has more than 7800 R&D staff, six R&D centres and over 100 innovative laboratories. The number of new patent applications is more than 300 per month.

Along with its innovative approach, the brand has developed strategic collaborations with global supply chain partners and established over 30 partnerships with suppliers including AMD, BOE, Qualcomm, Micron, Microsoft, MediaTek, SK Hynix and Samsung.

Honor has attached great importance to providing its consumers the good customer service. Currently, it owns more than 3,000 service centres, nine regional call centres, providing premium and efficient services to customers in over 100 markets. The service provided at the center include internal and external repair, general maintenance, inspection and examination of Honor smartphones.

Honor insists on building quality in the process, and the company has set strict standards at each stage of the product development process, with more than 600 quality standards covering all aspects of product design, development, materials and manufacturing.

Every Honor smartphone is subject to strict quality controls and must pass over 400 product tests and over 20 global certification standards before launching.

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