Here’s how UAE restaurants are driving sustainability
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Here’s how UAE restaurants are driving sustainability

Here’s how UAE restaurants are driving sustainability

Restaurants in the UAE have embraced sustainable practices to reduce their environmental impact and protect the planet for future generations

UAE restaurants on sustainability

UAE-based restaurants are implementing an array of sustainable initiatives in their outlets while those opening new outlets are now considering sustainability as a major part of the design layout, according to consultancy firm Beluga Hospitality.

Building a more sustainable operation start with the layout of the kitchen. Beluga Hospitality said the kitchen layout must not only be strategic for the movement of chefs but it should allow the equipment to have breathing space.

“Keeping an ice machine next to an oven will waste more energy and it will also cause the breakdown of equipment much faster, forcing restaurant owners to invest in new equipment more regularly,” the consultancy firm said in a research note.

Though restaurants have a notable environmental impact, the industry has made significant strides in implementing sustainable practices.

Several sustainability practices should be ongoing and can be adopted by running operations there are many steps that companies can consider when opening a new establishment. These include using high-efficiency equipment in the kitchen, LED light bulbs, induction cookers where possible and installing smart thermostats – all of which will save both energy and money.

From an operational perspective, there is an incredible reduction of single-use plastics in the UAE and a growing number of restaurants in the country are using environmentally friendly packaging. However, Beluga Hospitality said more needs to be done to reduce the costs of biodegradable packaging worldwide so more restaurants can adopt this practice.

Creating biodegradable plastics often takes less energy than traditional plastics and releases fewer harmful substances when degrading. More biodegradable plastics will also reduce the waste in landfills which is often burned creating more chemicals to be released into the environment. The downside is it costs more to make, however, as more restaurants and business switch to biodegradable packaging industry experts expect a price reduction.

UAE restaurants are also leveraging sustainable-focused menus. These menus source their products locally whenever possible, reduce waste and often showcase more plant-based menu options. Sourcing local ingredients not only supports local farmers but also has a major impact in the fact that items are not being transported by plane, truck or ship reducing the carbon footprint of those items going onto a menu.

The UAE is at the forefront of sustainability and while many restaurants have embraced sustainable practices to reduce their environmental impact there is more to be done to protect our planet for future generations.

As environmental concerns continue to grow ahead COP28 climate summit from November 30 through to December 12 in Dubai,  more and more businesses across all industries are increasingly adopting sustainability initiatives to reduce their environmental footprint.

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