Here's how this B2B marketplace helps SMEs expand globally
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Here’s how this B2B marketplace helps SMEs expand globally

Here’s how this B2B marketplace helps SMEs expand globally

Gulf Business in an exclusive interview with Suchit Kumar, CEO at Texub and Niranjan Gidwani, consultant director at Texub

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Tell us about Texub and its operations in the Middle East.
Suchit Kumar: Texub is a global B2B marketplace that facilitates IT and mobility trade between companies. Our digital platform allows IT businesses to trade anonymously with verified buyers and sellers. We offer distributors and resellers a scalable cloud platform which enhances the buying and selling experience, maintains trade privacy, and provides a high-level of data privacy and security. Our vision aligns with the Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai in making this country one of the top startup hubs. Thus, we launched our Middle East headquarters in Dubai, where the convenience of conducting business and efficiency of global logistics is way ahead of other locations.

What does your business model look like?
Niranjan Gidwani: Our business model is non-subscription-based, that allows verified buyers and sellers unlimited access to business transactions. A seller can upload multiple products and arrange global shipping across several hubs. Buyers can purchase globally and enhance their supplier base, which helps them avail competitive pricing options.

Does your platform support small and medium-sized businesses?
Suchit Kumar: Our platform supports smaller vendors in establishing themselves in global markets. In addition, we provide both large and small businesses with opportunities for expansion by diversifying and broadening their sources. Through our platform, we assure to help customers reach their full potential regardless of their location too.

Niranjan Gidwani: There has been a massive shift in how businesses operate today on a global scale. Today, firms strive to continually develop and use more effective methods of producing measurable outcomes. Our platform helps these firms to grow and streamline their operations.

How do you ensure data privacy and security on your platform?
Suchit Kumar: Identities are masked on Texub and trading is conducted in an anonymous manner thereby protecting the security and privacy of customer data. Local billing enhance the trading experience and save operating expenses for buyers and sellers while maintaining their online security.

What are your plans for the year ahead?
Suchit Kumar: Our expansion plans include opening offices in Saudi Arabia and Egypt. A deeper penetration into Asian markets like Vietnam and Indonesia is also on our agenda. With regards to our platform, we will soon incorporate an auction module.

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