Here are the six factors you should consider when choosing a smartwatch
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Here are the factors you should consider when choosing a smartwatch

Here are the factors you should consider when choosing a smartwatch

Ihab Salem explains the six main considerations for any user’s next smartwatch purchase


Around five years ago, the thought of owning a smartwatch was considered either a luxurious purchase or associated with users who were more tech savvy. But all that has changed in the last few years because of the latest advancements from smartwatch makers. The same watch that calculates your steps and shows you live notification updates could also be the watch that helps save your life.

So, what do users need to consider when choosing their next smartwatch? Is it compatibility with their smartphone, all day battery life, a fashion accessory, or simply one that fits their budget?

Below are six main considerations for any user’s next smartwatch purchase.

1. Compatibility
The essence of any decision when it comes to purchasing a smartwatch is 100 per cent compatibility with your smartphone, whether this is an iOS or Android device. This is essential, as you will be likely to miss out on hidden key features and functionality if selecting an incompatible watch. Smartwatch

2. Battery life
The hybrid, on-the-go life that most people lead nowadays has made them rely on their watches at home, the office and even at the gym. For a smartwatch to monitor and track your progress throughout the day while also showing live notifications – a long battery life should be at the top of your list of priorities when it comes to determining your choice. This has now become a key competitive selling point for many companies, as they heavily invest in R&D to manufacture watches that can sometimes last up to 24 days on a single charge. All-day battery life is now also being challenged by some companies, hoping to achieve multiple day usage for a more competitive edge.

3. Flexibility
As users rely more on their smartwatches to complete daily tasks with greater visibility convenience, you must consider how easy it is to execute simple tasks without taking your phone out of your pocket. Some of these tasks and desires may include: answering calls, checking and replying to messages, streaming music on-the-go and making payments on-the-go with NFC technology.

4. Health tracking features
A key aspect for many users in selecting their smartwatches are the features that help you track and monitor your health status throughout the day. Whether this is calculating a workout at the gym with a breakdown of calories burnt to help in motivating you, or simply setting a goal for daily steps – the possibilities are endless. A smartwatch also provides you with a full analysis on your daily heartrate, stress level, sleep pattern and more. The more accurate the details provided are to the user, the more desirable the smartwatch becomes as a health and wellness purchase.

5. Pairing with apps
Users have become likely to leaving their smartphones behind at home or in their cars while working out or taking a quick walk – giving them that much needed break throughout the day. A smartwatch that is able to connect to music streaming apps or stream TV shows is always an additional bonus to consider when buying your latest smartwatch.

6. Price
When it comes to choosing the right smartwatch, the price can understandably be the determining factor. Users will need to evaluate which features are a priority and can fit within their desirable price range, as this is a gadget that will stay with you for quite some time. As expected, we will be seeing many improvements from smart watchmakers on a yearly basis, as the smart watch continues to evolve from a complimentary gadget, to a true lifestyle companion that can help to seamlessly navigate your entire day, just from your wrist.

Ihab Salem ( also known as Mr Tech) is a tech influencer

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