Hayya Card mandatory for all visitors to Qatar during the 2022 FIFA World Cup
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Hayya Card mandatory for all visitors to Qatar during the 2022 FIFA World Cup

Hayya Card mandatory for all visitors to Qatar during the 2022 FIFA World Cup

At the moment, the card is only being issued to those who have a ticket for the tournament

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Officials in Qatar have confirmed that the Hayya Card will be mandatory to enter the country as well as any of the stadiums during the 2022 FIFA World Cup which is set to commence this November.

The Hayya Card is mandatory for all travellers to Qatar – irrespective of whether they intend to attend a match or not – who visit the country between November 1, 2022 and January 23, 2023.

“At the request of the Qatari authorities, ticketholders are reminded that all local and international fans must apply for a Hayya Card. Hayya Card is your entry permit to the state of Qatar and your stadium access (along with the match ticket). International fans will also need to confirm their accommodation plans,” a statement on the FIFA website has confirmed.

It added that to apply for the Hayya Card, and to book accommodation, fans will have to visit the dedicated  page for the World Cup set up by Qatar (hayya.qatar2022.qa). The Hayya Card has several benefits including free access to Doha Metro.

FIFA added that the Hayya Card is operated by the government of Qatar and that FIFA has no role to play in its application process, issuance or use.

For international fans, their Hayya Card application will only be completed once their accommodation is validated through the Hayya portal.

At the moment, the Hayya Card is only being issued to ticket holders.

The second phase of ticket sales by FIFA commenced on April 5 with a random selection draw that will continue until April 28, 2022. Four types of tickets will be available during this random selection draw sales period: individual match tickets, supporter tickets, conditional supporter tickets, and four-stadium ticket series.

Ticket applicants will be able to submit their application at any time, without any preference given in respect of the submission date. FIFA noted that if demand for a given match and/or ticket category exceeds the available inventory, a random selection draw will take place to determine which applicants are allocated tickets. If such tickets are not oversubscribed, the tickets of their choice will be allocated to applicants. The FIFA Ticketing Centre will notify ticket applicants of the outcome of their ticket applications via email by May 31, 2022 at the latest.

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