Hands-on review: Huawei MatePad Pro
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Hands-on review: Huawei MatePad Pro

Hands-on review: Huawei MatePad Pro

The Huawei MatePad Pro is designed for professionals, students and content creators, to be a smart office tool that is efficient, convenient and easy to use

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Huawei’s M series has constantly demonstrated an impressive multimedia features of tablets. Recently, the brand introduced Huawei MatePad Pro, which is said to be the biggest tablet yet, with a 12.6-inch display, and the first tablet to run HarmonyOS 2.

We got the device for a hands-on review and here’s what it looks like.

Design and display
The Huawei MatePad Pro blends modern technology with iconic design. With a 92 per cent screen to body ratio, Huawei has ensured that the device is  light and slim, providing the most productive portable device for users. The tablet is built with flagship level hardware that features a Real Colour FullView Display, 120Hz refresh rate and is made from ultra-thin glass fibre material.

Lightness and portability
When working away from the office, it is important that the device is light and portable and easy to carry. Tablets are one of the more versatile devices, acting as the mediator between a PC and a smart phone. Whether you are working from home, on the go, in the office, at school or relaxing, the tablet is small and light enough to fit in a bag but large enough to act as a productivity tool. The  Huawei MatePad Pro is only 6.7mm thick and weighs 609g.

The MatePad Pro  runs on HarmonyOS 2.0 and is powered by the eight-core SoC HiSilicon Kirin 9000E and can rely on 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage. With innovative features such as multi-window, Huawei Notes, among others, the tablet becomes the ultimate choice for productivity and creativity while providing a simple, smooth and reliable experience.

Meanwhile, Huawei has continued to develop its multi-window feature that allows up to four tasks to appear on screen at any one time, including two split windows and two App Bubbles. This means you can easily edit your deck, while searching for an image in your Gallery and responding to messages from friends and colleagues on the same screen.

Audio and sound
The device is equipped with Huawei AI noise reduction feature, alongside the optimised algorithms that tap into the deep neural network, vocals and more than 200 noises can be clearly recognised. In addition, the two-step echo cancellation algorithm is used to eliminate the echo signal during a call and retain the vocals that the microphone should pick up. When using Huawei MatePad Pro, the six speakers work properly for a clearer and purer dialogue.

Charging capabilities
The Huawei MatePad Pro has an 8300mAh ultra-large battery that can power 11.5 hours of 1080p HD video playback and 8.5 hours of browsing on the web. Furthermore, it features the first high-voltage parallel battery fast charging technology in the industry. Supporting 66W SuperCharge, the tablet can reach 55 per cent charge in 30 minutes and will be fully charged in 66 minutes.

Huawei Smart Magnetic Keyboard (detachable)
The new detachable Huawei Smart Magnetic keyboard features over 40 shortcut key combinations for quick navigation of the tablet. The split-type keyboard has three modes, providing a solution in every scenario.
Laptop form – Users can connect the keyboard to the device via Bluetooth magnetically and attach the keyboard to the device.
Split form – This form is useful when there is little space – put the MatePad Pro on the desk and the keyboard on the knees.
Studio form – This form offers stable support so that users can freely design or create a new model, to ensure that you create in a comfortable position.

Huawei M-Pencil (2nd generation)
The new Huawei M-Pencil is coated with a silicone polymer resin for comfortable grip, as well as greater dirt and wear resistance. Stroke deviation is optimised from 0.15 mm to 0.1 mm, registering a 30 per cent improvement. The brand has meticulously worked on the touch signals from the stylus tip for a precise drawing and writing experience.

Why choose Huawei MatePad Pro?
The Huawei MatePad Pro is designed for the professionals, students and content creators, to be a smart office tool that is efficient, convenient, and easy to use. It allows users to work, record ideas, access note taking apps and creative software. The MatePad Pro is the ideal tool to help with productivity and enable you to be creative, while still providing a space for entertainment and relaxation.

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