Gulf’s Tech Market “White Open Field” – Dell President

Marius Haas, president of Enterprise Solutions at Dell, spoke exclusively to Gulf Business at Gitex Technology Week 2013.

The Gulf’s technology market is a “white open field” with a fantastic culture, according to a senior figure from global tech company Dell.

Speaking exclusively to Gulf Business at Gitex Technology Week, Marius Haas, president of Enterprise Solutions at Dell, said the American firm can expect to scale its business significantly in the local market.

“For me it [UAE] seems like a white open field. It’s not a matter of how big is the market, it’s really how quickly can we cover it,” said Haas.

“The culture here is a culture of gaining a lot of understanding of what they want, quick decision making and go – which is fantastic, especially when you’ve got government municipalities with clear mandates. They move pretty quick and that’s exciting to see.”

Haas was quick to praise the region for its forward thinking leadership structure and noted the uniqueness of the local market.

“You find the Middle East is not bound by is legacy investments,” he said.

“You see a very forward thinking leadership structure in the country’s municipalities that want to invest and provide a better experience across the board in government services.

“The ability to do that with a blank sheet of paper, that’s a luxury that not a lot of countries have. That appetite to make those investments from the government is obviously exciting to see and there’s a resurgence within Dubai and Abu Dhabi for fostering new economic development.”

Haas was speaking at Dell’s stand during the region’s biggest ICT event, revealing he had “very productive” meetings with some of the UAE’s government agencies.

“There’s a lot of conversations with local municipalities, local government agencies, on building out investments,” he said.

“Clearly we want to invest in the region. It’s a perfect opportunity to be a part of the economic growth and the overall infrastructure requirements in the country.”