Giving up meat? A vegetarian-only food app launches in Dubai
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Giving up meat? A vegetarian-only food app launches in Dubai

Giving up meat? A vegetarian-only food app launches in Dubai

Yalla Veggie offers a selection of green restaurants, supermarkets, organic stores, bakeries and ethical startups

Zubina Ahmed

In the world of app browsing and online ordering, you have no idea where to start from when it comes to a meatless meal at home.

The demand for vegetarian diets have been rising rapidly. According to, the Middle East plant-based market is projected to witness a CAGR of 6.01 per cent during the forecast period (2022 – 2027).

Concerns about global sustainability and health fuelled this shift towards plant-based diets, and the pandemic appears to have just accelerated this. Focused purely on vegetarians, Yalla Veggie is the region’s first meat-free app aggregator launched in Dubai.

Founded by Gavin England and Aarohi Surya, this startup intends to build a community of meat-free consumers and make plant-based solutions more accessible. Launching with more than 50 businesses, they offer a selection of green restaurants, supermarkets, organic stores, bakeries, florists and ethical startups.

Aarohi Surya chose to become a vegan three years ago after realising the significant health benefits of adopting a meat-free diet. “When it comes to switching to meat-free living, people always struggle to find the right kind of alternatives. Being vegan, I wanted others in the UAE to be comfortable when they transition out of consuming meat. There are tons of veggie brands, and I thought there is no way to check which app is suitable for vegans,” says Aarohi.

While the app features big sustainable brands, it shines a spotlight on small to medium businesses and aims to bring them more revenue in the burgeoning vegan economy.

“Having realised the same tremendous frustration with grocery shopping felt by most Dubai vegetarians and vegans, Yalla Veggie was born to make the meat-free shopping experience easier and more convenient. By providing access to a wide selection of meat-free brands, the App aims to save consumers time,” adds Arohi.

The meat-free marketplace is projected to witness decent growth in the upcoming years due to its high nutritional values and environment-friendly nature. “As a company underpinned by a purpose-driven business model, we are  aiming to bridge the gap between plant-based and meat-based diets. As for our future plans, we look forward to expanding partnerships with local vendors and engage with a larger community base in the UAE,” concludes Aarohi.

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