Gitex 2020: Huawei to highlight how partnerships can create value
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Gitex 2020: Huawei to highlight how partnerships can create value

Gitex 2020: Huawei to highlight how partnerships can create value

Connectivity, cloud, AI, computing, and industry applications to drive growth


As 5G is rolled out at scale in the region and worldwide, Huawei believes that connectivity, cloud, AI, computing, and industry applications are now coming together to create unprecedented opportunities for society.

This Gitex, Huawei will showcase how its ICT technologies can be applied to more industries through scenario-specific solutions that help enterprises to enhance their business, and governments to achieve strategic goals related to domestic productivity and improving overall governance.

Gitex 2020 visitors will not only see a demonstration of new technologies, but current and future-oriented applications that Huawei has developed with its global partners for customers in government, energy, transportation, finance, and more. Huawei’s regional leadership team is also connecting with attendees through participation in many of the individual Gitex conference tracks. During these sessions, the company will share best practices in helping to build smart enterprises, campuses, and cities, leveraging its depth of industry know-how and experience in more than 170 countries worldwide.

Also, Huawei will host a “Igniting Innovation Through Education” virtual summit dedicated to the requirements of today’s education sector, and what the ICT community can do to bolster digital learning, support new academic models, and promote ICT innovation in line with countries’ national development visions.

Huawei will also host its sixth 5G Ecosystem Conference bringing together vertical industries, 5G ecosystem partners, and 5G operators. Recognising the Covid-19 outbreak challenges, 5G is essential for societal development and business continuity during the pandemic, as well as for economic recovery post the pandemic. Participants will share insights on the 5G network values, and explore 5G applications both for consumers and industry, to harvest more remarkable achievements in business and social values.

“This year’s Gitex Technology Week comes at a time when the true value of ICT has become increasingly clear,” said Charles Yang, president of Huawei Middle East said

“Keeping people, businesses, and communities connected even when physically apart is more essential than ever. Through open collaboration, the ICT sector can accelerate the development of the digital economy, in turn contributing to sustainable growth and supporting national transformation agendas in a post-pandemic world.”

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