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German firm Automobili Pininfarina unveils world’s first globally connected hypercar

German firm Automobili Pininfarina unveils world’s first globally connected hypercar

Owners will be able to access online services in over 50 countries, including the Gulf region

Battista Anniversario

German firm Automobili Pininfarina partnered with Deutsche Telekom to embed a SIM and roaming technology in the automobile manufacturer’s purely electric hypercar, Battista, which allows it to maintain a high level of connectivity around the globe.

Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, and Oman are the Gulf countries expected to benefit from the seamless connectivity offered by the manufacturer.

Deutsche Telekom’s roaming partner network is underpinning the global connectivity initiative as the programme searches for the strongest network to maintain an owner’s connection and helps obtain Over-The-Air (OTA) updates without WIFI.

The OTA updates ensure the vehicle’s system is constantly equipped with the latest software; the update includes coverage of 26 individual electronic control modules.


Paolo Dellacha, chief product and engineering officer at Automobili Pininfarina, states that all the elements of connectivity are credited to their Life on Board concept.

“The global roaming and OTA updates have been developed and engineered to bring heightened convenience to our luxury hyper GT,” he stated.

To further the company’s heightened convenience concept, a smart diagnostics technology has been introduced to monitor the car’s unique components and notify the owner and manufacturer of any issues.

Any issues with the vehicle can be managed through software updates; however, Automobili Pininfarina will dispatch a specialised engineer, should an issue be unrepairable through an update.

Meanwhile, a smartphone app provides owners with a unique ease in accessibility; motorists can lock and unlock the vehicle, monitor their vehicle’s telemetry, check battery level, and view their vehicle’s live location.

The infotainment system, which consists of two touchscreens and one central display, focuses on simplicity and on delivering key metrics, evading unnecessary distractions.

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