Genetec forecasts shift in video surveillance with AI-driven solutions
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Genetec forecasts shift in video surveillance landscape with AI-driven innovations

Genetec forecasts shift in video surveillance landscape with AI-driven innovations

The integration of video analytics and AI capabilities has gained momentum, bolstering the effectiveness of surveillance systems

Genetec AI

Genetec, a leader in video surveillance technology, is working to reshape security operations through ground-breaking AI-driven analytics and automation.

Firas Jadalla, regional director at Genetec – Middle East, Turkey & Africa, highlighted the company’s commitment to redefining video surveillance as not just a tool but a strategic asset, unveiling insights from their 2024 State of Physical Security Report.

Cloud adoption is picking up speed

The adoption of cloud-based solutions for physical security has seen a gradual increase over the past decade, but is now picking speed. The report notes that 40 per cent of end users revealed that more than 30 per cent of their physical security setups now encompass a cloud-based model or a combination of cloud and physical (on-premises) solutions. This marks a significant jump from the 24 per cent reported in last year’s survey.

“The adoption of the cloud in the physical security industry is steadily gaining prominence, with the future for most physical security solutions appearing to be a blend of on-premises and cloud-based solutions.

“For organisations in the Middle East and Africa, combining hybrid cloud technology with what they have on-site allows them to respond to new business requirements promptly. These are exciting times for the industry as it embraces change and adapts to new ways of supporting customers to thrive in a dynamic landscape,” said Jadalla.

Surveillance trends and market demand

Recent years have witnessed a notable surge in demand for video surveillance products across the Middle East.

This upsurge is fuelled by a growing emphasis on security and the swift adoption of smart city initiatives. Urbanisation and infrastructure development have catalysed an increased need for sophisticated video surveillance solutions to safeguard public spaces and critical infrastructure.

The integration of video analytics and AI capabilities has gained momentum, bolstering the effectiveness of surveillance systems.

Regulatory compliance and ethical surveillance practices

Genetec emphasises strict adherence to local regulations and global privacy standards, including GDPR, CCPA, PIPEDA, and LGPD. Their design philosophy revolves around empowering customers to seamlessly manage physical security data within regulatory frameworks.

Beyond compliance, the company advocates best practices, fostering a collective responsibility to safeguard data and privacy through continuous software development that surpasses evolving legal and privacy standards.

Cybersecurity measures in a dynamic landscape

Given the UAE’s strategic role as a global business hub, Genetec prioritises robust cybersecurity measures to protect against evolving cyber threats. The Genetec Security Center platform fortifies systems against potential vulnerabilities, unifying diverse security systems and data into a single interface.

Their commitment extends to robust encryption protocols, regular software updates, and best practices for network segmentation, access control, and authentication.

AI-powered surveillance and collaboration

Jadalla underscored the importance of privacy-centric technologies to balance security and individual rights, expecting a convergence of video surveillance with other smart city components.

He added, “Genetec harnesses AI, particularly deep learning, for purpose-built solutions that expedite investigations, automate people counting, detect vehicle license plates, enhance situational awareness, and streamline business outcomes.”

The company advocates for thorough vendor risk assessments within Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) to assess third-party cybersecurity practices effectively.

Contributing to Smart Cities

The Middle East’s burgeoning smart city growth reflects a commitment to resilient, efficient, and interconnected urban environments. Genetec aims to facilitate this transition by contributing to the creation of safer environments.

He also shed light on Genetec’s unique cybersecurity strategy, emphasising the utilisation of the advanced Genetec Security Center platform and best practices to combat evolving cyber threats.

Their commitment to open architecture, substantial R&D investments, strategic partnerships, and industry collaborations aligns with the evolving security needs of smart cities. Genetec aspires to empower clients with tools necessary to thrive in the dynamic urban landscape of the future.

The future looks hybrid

Genetec, in its report, noted that up to 60 per cent of end-user respondents revealed that their organisations aim for a security deployment strategy that combines both.

The transition to hybrid systems is already in progress, with 12 per cent of MEA-based end-users stating that their organisations are currently storing video surveillance data both locally and in the cloud, marking a notable increase from the 4 per cent reported in last year’s survey.

Jadalla, in discussing Genetec’s approach, emphasised the future trends encompassing a hybrid approach with a focus on cloud-based solutions, high-resolution cameras, and intelligent video analytics.

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