GCC coronavirus update - Total cases near 300, more than 50 recoveries GCC coronavirus update - Total cases near 300, more than 50 recoveries
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GCC coronavirus update – Total cases near 400, more than 50 recoveries

GCC coronavirus update – Total cases near 400, more than 50 recoveries

The coronavirus continues its spread across the world having infected over 117,000 people


The new strain of the coronavirus continues its spread across the world having infected over 117,000 people residing in more than a 100 countries.

Regionally, while the pathogen continues to scale, the number of those recovered has also been considerable, accounting for around 15 per cent of those infected.

On Tuesday, the Ministry of Health and Prevention had announced 15 new coronavirus Covid-19 cases in the country, taking the total number to 74.

The ministry added that the cases had already been quarantined as suspected cases and comprised of those who had come into direct contact with other patients in the country as well as others who had arrived from outside the UAE.

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Late Tuesday evening, the UAE’s health ministry confirmed the recovery of further five people, bringing the total number of those recovered to 17, official news agency WAM reported.

Several precautionary measures have also been put in place, including the installation of detection thermal imaging systems and health checks at the country’s border entry points, and isolating confirmed and suspected cases.

Schools and universities have also been closed for four weeks, while numerous events have been postponed to restrict the spread of the virus.

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On Tuesday, the Dubai government began introducing a work-from-home policy for selected federal departments in the emirate as means to contain the spread of the Covid-19 coronavirus.

Saudi Arabia
The Ministry of Health reported a new case of the Covid-19 infection, discovered in an Cairo-bound Egyptian transit passenger who had flown in from New York. He was heading to Egypt via King Abdulaziz Airport in Jeddah, Saudi Press Agency reported.

Thermal health monitoring cameras detected an increase in the patient’s temperature, following which he was isolated from the airport directly, and transferred to a hospital in Jeddah.

The passenger was in Egypt before flying to the US during the 14 days prior to his arrival at the Jeddah airport.

The total number of those infected with the coronavirus in the kingdom tallies 21.

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In the immediate aftermath of Saudi Arabia suspending travel to and from nine countries including the UAE, the kingdom announced an additional moratorium on travel to and from Oman, France, Germany, Turkey and Spain.

Kuwait’s Ministry of Health confirmed three new infections on Wednesday, increasing the number of cases in the country to 72.

Five people remain in the intensive care unit, of whom one remains “critical” while four are reported to be in stable condition, Kuwait News Agency confirmed.

Meanwhile, Kuwait’s health ministry confirmed that two individuals have recovered.

Bahrain has reported 77 new coronavirus cases amid the 165 repatriated citizens from Iran, Bahrain News Agency confirmed on March 11.

The remaining 88 citizens who tested negative of the virus were transferred to a precautionary quarantine centre.

This brings the total number of those infected in the country to 189.

On Tuesday, the Ministry of Health confirmed the recovery of eight individuals bringing the total number of those reported free of the pathogen to 30, Bahrain News Agency reported.

On Monday, Oman’s Ministry of Health announced two more new cases of the virus strain, Times of Oman reported.

“The Ministry of Health (MoH) announces the registration of two new confirmed cases with novel coronavirus, COVID-19, in citizens who travelled to Iran. The two patients are under quarantine and are in stable condition” – the ministry’s statement read.

The number of coronavirus infectees stands at 18, of which 17 cases are related to travel to Iran and one to Italy, the statement added.

The Ministry confirmed that nine cases have completely recovered while the others remain stable.

On Tuesday, the Ministry of Public Health confirmed six new cases of Covid-19, spiking the total number of those infected to 24.


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