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Gaucho Review

Gaucho Review

It’s easy to see why DIFC’s Gaucho is reported to have the highest percentage of repeat customers.

The first impression on entering this high-ceilinged Argentinian steakhouse is one of space and height.

Featuring black floors and ivory white walls revealing Gaucho’s iconic cow-hide, the DIFC-based venue is huge yet snug as it stretches from the large main dining, to cosy booth-style seating area and an elegant private dining area.

The inviting vibe continues with an open staircase leading up
 to a sumptuous lounge featuring an 18-metre marble bar and ceviche counter.

Seated comfortably in the leather chairs my date and I are warmly greeted by Sally, our hostess for the evening. She enthusiastically showcases various cuts of beef, marinating techniques and ingredients.

To whet our appetite the specially recommended passion pisco landed on our table. The fruity pisco crowned with a slice
of passion fruit prepared us amply for the starter: the octopus tiradito, a plate of succulent octopus slices dressed in tomato passata and topped with crunchy bunch crisp green rocket was delicately flavoured and the greenery on the entrée was pleasing both to eye and the palate.

Polishing off our appetiser we reclined deeper into the comfy chairs and wandered into our conversation. We hadn’t noticed the arrival of Vina Patricia. No, she’s not a new hostess. Vina Patricia is Gaucho’s eponymous Argentinian grape named after Gaucho’s wife.

For the mains, a platter of cuts arrived and I tucked into my churrasco chorizo, a tender cut of sirloin marinated in garlic, parsley and olive oil, while my date plumped for the tenderloin cut that she said was simply done to perfection.

Complementing the beef platter were side servings of spinach and broccoli garnished
 with roasted almonds and the traditional Argentinian humita – a delicious creamy, buttery sweet corn mash.

The delightful dulce de leche tart, ricotta 
and lemon cake and the decadent chocolate and hazelnut truffle were simply as they say in Buenos Aires, excellente!

Gaucho is reported to have the highest percentage of repeat customers in DIFC and with its tender meat cuts and charming service it’s easy to see why.



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