G42 Healthcare, SomaLogic bring proteomics to the GCC
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G42 Healthcare, SomaLogic bring proteomics to the GCC

G42 Healthcare, SomaLogic bring proteomics to the GCC

G42 Healthcare plans to set up laboratory facilities in Abu Dhabi to provide Somascan proteomic services for research and clinical applications

G42 healthcare and SomaLogic

G42 Healthcare has signed a multi-year agreement with SomaLogic, a company that undertakes data-driven proteomics.  The Abu Dhabi-based company will establish a proteomics laboratory in Masdar City Abu Dhabi, providing services to the UAE, Saudi Arabia, GCC and selected broader territories.

The agreement was signed during Arab Health 2023 held at DWTC in Dubai.

The new laboratory will deliver testing for over 7,000 protein biomarkers using the SomaScan proteomics assay offering a brand-new service to life science, clinical research, clinical trials, pharma and healthcare providers in the region as a SomaLogic certified site.

The lab, capable of delivering tens of thousands of analyses per year, will be set up adjacent to its global genomic sequencing hub – the Omics Centre of Excellence with a capacity to sequence 500,000 whole genomes annually.

Advanced testing opportunities

The agreement includes the provision of testing for clinical environments via the SomaSignal test portfolio. These advanced proteomic data-driven algorithms can deliver meaningful clinical observations and prediction of risk across a multitude of conditions, including cardiovascular disease.

The strategic agreement with SomaLogic comes close on the heels of G42 Healthcare’s recent partnership with AWS that enables quick and efficient omics data storage and transfer to clients across the globe and an opportune time that fuels its ambitions to become a global partner for large-scale genomic sequencing and proteomics services.

The SomaScan platform was designed as a universal platform that can be applied across research and discovery, translational research, biopharmaceutical development, and clinical applications.

It can analyse 7,000 proteins in a single run on as little as 55-microlitres of plasma or serum samples. SomaLogic to date has run more than 550,000 samples and has provided proteomics data for 22 biobanks worldwide.

G42 Healthcare has also recently announced its merger with Mubadala Health, bringing the genomics and AI healthcare leader in immediate proximity to a wealth of real-world clinical care assets.

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A strategic partnership

Ashish Koshy, CEO of G42 Healthcare, said: “Our partnership with SomaLogic is strategic and part of our long-term vision of strengthening the multi-omics offerings. We are confident that this partnership will yield comprehensive proteomics data and biological insights that support our goals of bringing personalised and preventive healthcare into the Middle East and North Africa.”

G42 Healthcare and SomaLogic also plan to collaborate on business development, strategy, and applications for the life sciences and healthcare markets, including marketing of SomaSignal tests in UAE, Saudi Arabia, GCC and selected broader territories.

Roy Smythe, MD and CEO of SomaLogic, said: “We are excited to partner with G42 Healthcare to bring world-class life sciences and healthcare innovation to the MENA – a dynamic and diverse region. SomaLogic has proven the power of proteomics to deliver actionable biological insights in diverse populations around the globe.”

Smythe added: “G42 Healthcare is the leading health tech company in the region and is creating a transformative shift in the traditional healthcare paradigm by embracing advanced technologies, such as AI. This collaboration has the potential to accelerate population health programs and research and real-world population healthcare delivery on the SomaScan proteomics platform.”

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