From here to vita eternity with Asghar Akhtar Khan
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From here to Vita Eternity with Asghar Akhtar Khan

From here to Vita Eternity with Asghar Akhtar Khan

The founder of VITA Eternity, shares the brand’s focus on organic ingredients and finding a footing in the competitive skincare market

vita eternity with Asghar Khan

What inspired you to enter the competitive and niche industry of organic skincare?
My interest in skincare began with a family member being diagnosed with a skin-related condition. It encouraged me to learn more about skin and find solutions to treat and care for it.  My previous experience, which mainly lies in banking and finance, supported my foray into the business of skincare.

The competitiveness of the skincare industry is, of course, a testament to its continued growth. I believe there’s always room for innovation and more high-quality products to serve customers’ needs.

What were some of the challenges you faced when getting into this business?
As mentioned, skincare is an extremely competitive and diluted industry, so it is tough to establish yourself in the market and market the products correctly. My biggest hope is that due to the knowledge and precision involved in the creation of each and every product in our line, the quality of the products can speak for themselves, which in turn will help the brand grow and succeed organically.

Tell us about your product offering.
Our manufacturing process reflects the efforts of a number of skincare scientists and specialists who work in the traditional organic skincare industry. Many of these individuals have decades of industry experience and skills passed down through generations. We, as a brand, want to show that natural formulas without chemicals can treat skin conditions, benefit collagen creation and provide hydration. The brand also promotes sustainability, environmentalism, and eco-friendly practices in the supply chain and sourcing of skincare raw materials.

Where are the product ingredients sourced from?
We use ingredients predominantly from Spain, Morocco, and Malaysia, where you can find the purest oils in the world. Our oils are absolutely essential to the brand and lines we will develop in time, as the effect they have on the skin is incomparable to any others.

Where are your products available?
We recently launched the rose oil-infused Elixir Formula and it’s available through our website. The serum is infused with minerals and vitamins and retains moisture, leaving skin soft and re-energised. We call it the magic drops. Our products are currently available in the UAE exclusively, but we are already forecasting shipments to other countries in the GCC in the near future.

Do you have a skincare line for both men and women?
We believe skincare is for everyone, and our rose oil Elixir Formula is tailored to be used by all. While the oils are not a substitute for medicine, they help promote healthier skin and anti-ageing benefits.

What are your plans for expansion?
The target in the next few years is to establish ourselves as a globally recognised organic skincare brand.

Why is the UAE a great breeding ground for entrepreneurs such as yourself?
I believe that who you surround yourself with has a massive impact on your mindset and attitude in life, and I think this is one of the main reasons for the UAE being a hub for entrepreneurs and successful businesses. People across the UAE have a strong sense of ambition. They are always striving for more and this is definitely one of the reasons so many people seek to start their own businesses or create something for themselves whilst living here.

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