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Four Yemeni nationals executed in Saudi for killing Pakistani guard

Four Yemeni nationals executed in Saudi for killing Pakistani guard

The accused also allegedly stole from the company where the victim was serving as a guard

Four Yemeni nationals were executed in Saudi Arabia’s Makkah on Sunday after they were found guilty of killing a Pakistani national who was working as a guard for a building.

Ali Salem Ibrahim Yahya, Abdel Basset Abdul Samad Gharsan, Yahya Ayush Masoud Bakhit and Yassin Mohammed Ali allegedly killed Rahim Taj Ghulam, who was working as a guard at the headquarters of a company. They also reportedly stole the company’s cables and the guard’s possessions.

Security authorities arrested the accused following an investigation and they were referred to the general court, the Saudi Press Agency reported.

They were found guilty and sentenced to death by the court, with the verdict upheld by the appeals court and the supreme court. A royal order was later issued to enforce the sentence.

The execution was carried out on Sunday in Makkah.

The interior ministry asserted the keenness of the government “to maintain security and achieve justice” and punish violators of heinous crimes.

Saudi Arabia uses the death penalty for several offences including murder, drug-related crimes and terrorism.

Earlier this month, two Saudi nationals were executed in the kingdom on charges of murder.

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