Why football club Liverpool teamed up with this cyber protection firm
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Why football club Liverpool teamed up with this cyber protection firm

Why football club Liverpool teamed up with this cyber protection firm

Swiss-Singapore technology company Acronis says that 100 per cent of Fortune 1000 companies use its services

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In December, Liverpool announced that it had signed a multi-year deal with cloud storage specialists Acronis, who was appointed as the club’s global cyber backup and storage partner.

With sports clubs like Liverpool generating tonnes of data daily, it is companies like Acronis that lend it a platform to store and safeguard those large volumes of data across their sporting and business operations. Simultaneously, it puts in place a system that allows the club’s different departments to also share documents and collaborate on tasks more easily.

Who is Acronis?

Founded in Singapore in 2003 and incorporated in Switzerland in 2008, Acronis employs over 1,500 employees in 33 locations across 18 countries and provides services in 150 countries and more than 30 languages.

There are reportedly over 5.5 million consumers and 500,000 businesses who have used their services – including 100 per cent of the Fortune 1000 companies.

The range of services that Acronis offers include innovative backup, anti-ransomware, disaster recovery, storage, and enterprise file syncing and sharing solutions.

It has also developed an AI-based active protection technology, blockchain-based data authentication and unique hybrid-cloud architecture that works together to protect data in whichever medium it is stored including physical, virtual, cloud and mobile.

Acronis says that its services are geared towards meeting five specific needs of its customers: Privacy, accessibility, safety, security and authenticity.

Acronis caters to the need for privacy by offering enterprise-level encryption to prevent a range of potentially disastrous cybercrimes from identity theft to corporate espionage.

As for accessibility, it provides solutions that give customers the option to access the data remotely, though making sure that the touchpoints on which the customers access that data – be it mobile phones or remote workstations – are also secure.

On the subject of safety, Acronis establishes systems that prevent the loss of data due to intentional or unintentional reasons by creating separate copies of the data.

When it comes to security, the patterns of cyberattacks and ransomware that are unleashed globally are always getting more sophisticated and finding new loopholes to evade detection. Acronis helps its customers to stay one step ahead by plugging those loopholes before they become vulnerable to attacks.

The fifth pillar of the company is built authenticity, which guarantees that those using its services to backup data have access to their original data that hasn’t been tampered with in any form. For this, Acronis has leaned on the full-proof blockchain technology by providing documentation with blockchain as an indisputable proof that the copy of the data was not tampered with at any point.

Plenty of reasons why Liverpool, and millions of other customers worldwide, have tapped into the services of this cyber protection specialist.


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