Dina Almalik of Flowers.ae tells us why business is blooming
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Flowers.ae’s Dina Almalik tells us why the floral business is blooming

Flowers.ae’s Dina Almalik tells us why the floral business is blooming

The company’s marketing manager tells us how its e-commerce strategy and resilience have contributed to its success

Neesha Salian

Tell us about Flowers.ae and the story behind its launch.

Flowers.ae is a luxury ‘flower’ brand that has built a reputation for its quality offering and customer service over the last decade. We offer a wide selection of flower arrangements for any occasion using only the best flowers from Ecuador and Holland.

Our unique selling proposition centres around offering same-day delivery across all the Emirates and sending video approvals on all orders to our customers before dispatch. This service allows customers to view the floral arrangement before it leaves our shop, ensuring their satisfaction.

How has the business grown since its launch?

We have experienced significant growth over the past three years, placing the company in a highly profitable and financially stable position. Our marketing strategy has resulted in a consistent 40 per cent year-on-year growth over the last three years, and we now boast over 100,000 loyal customers with a high repeat customer rate.

Flowers.ae has established a prominent presence across social media platforms, with an average reach of 2.5 million and an impressive 2.7 per cent engagement rate. Furthermore, the over 6,000 5-star Trustpilot reviews we’ve received highlight our commitment to customer satisfaction.

Supply chain issues have affected most industries particularly during the pandemic. How did you deal with it?

During the pandemic, we faced challenges with air cargo prices, which had the potential to impact our price points. However, thanks to our large inventory, we were able to absorb the price increases and not pass them on to our customers. This allowed us to maintain our competitive pricing and ensure that our customers continued to receive the quality they expect from us.

In addition to the air cargo challenges, we have also experienced some issues with sundries shipping. Delays and price increases have been a challenge for us, but we have worked tirelessly to find alternative solutions to ensure that our customers receive their orders in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Tell us how e-commerce has transformed your business?

E-commerce is ingrained in our DNA, and digitalisation and technology are at the core of our business. We have set out to reshape the way customers shop for flowers by providing a seamless purchasing experience that leverages the latest technology and innovations.

Our business model is purely based on e-commerce, enabling us to offer our customers a convenient and hassle-free way to purchase premium flowers from the comfort of their homes. We understand the importance of exceptional customer service, which is why we provide strong pre- and post-sales support.

Tell us about your biggest orders and most elaborate arrangements.

At Flowers.ae, we have had the privilege of working with VIP clients and major corporate events, delivering exceptional floral arrangements and experiences that go above and beyond our customers’ expectations.

One notable order we received was for a VIP client who requested a welcome back floral set-up worth Dhs100,000 during the most challenging time of the pandemic. Due to travel restrictions, we made the client’s dreams come true and we brought Europe to him by filling up 6,000 square feet with the finest English garden roses, flown all the way from Holland.

Additionally, for Valentine’s Day this year, we collaborated with the Hilton Palm Jumeirah to create the ultimate staycation experience at its signature presidential suite. Our team orchestrated a hotel room set-up that comprised over 10,000 red roses imported from Holland and countless red heart balloons, creating the most lavish and unforgettable experience for their guests.

We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver unique and personalized experiences for our clients, no matter the occasion or location.

Tell us about some of the popular trends for floral arrangements.

Flowers.ae is excited to announce plans to incorporate Pantone’s ‘Viva Magenta 18-750’ (the colour of the year for 2023) into our bold and vibrant flower arrangements. We believe in making a statement with our floral designs and this choice of colour will allow us to do just that.

In addition to incorporating new colours, we also provide personalisation services to our customers. We can customise arrangements with names or letters, providing a special touch that sets us apart from other flower brands.

Moreover, we specialise in grand arrangements that come in a variety of XXL sizes, including 999 roses, 500 roses, 365 roses, and more, allowing customers to truly make a statement with their gift.

With our commitment to deliver exceptional customer service, we strive to provide an unforgettable experience for every customer, no matter the size of their order.

We are also the first flower brand in the UAE to incorporate artificial intelligence into their business operations by adding a Chatgpt plug-in on the cart page, which allows customers to request for a message card to be suggested automatically based on the occasion they are buying the flowers for.

With this new feature, Flowers.ae is making it easier than ever for customers to personalise their flower delivery and send the perfect message for any occasion.

What are some of the challenges you face in the business?

As we continue to experience significant growth and plan for expansion across multiple locations, maintaining our high standards of quality control remains a top priority. We recognise that with advancement comes the challenge of sustaining our customer-centric approach and ensuring that we continue to provide exceptional service to our clients. Therefore, we are committed to implementing effective strategies and systems that allow us to manage our growth while maintaining the quality that has made us successful.

Tell us about expansion plans.

Expanding the number of outlets across the UAE is a key step towards our long-term growth strategy. This includes plans to open stores in Abu Dhabi and Sharjah, alongside the exploration of global opportunities in the wider Gulf region, in specific; Saudi Arabia.

We believe that establishing a physical presence in these locations will allow us to better serve our customers and expand our reach in the region. Additionally, we will continue to leverage technology and e-commerce to enhance our customer experience and streamline our operations. Our ultimate goal is to become the leading flower delivery service in the UAE and ultimately in the wider Gulf region.

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