Five ways corporate competitions can boost your business
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Five ways corporate competitions can boost your business

Five ways corporate competitions can boost your business

Corporate games can lead to a lot of long-term benefits

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Here are five ways corporate competitions can help boost your business.

1) Team spirit

It’s long been established that teamwork activities help boost team spirit and a sense of belonging. Taking opportunities to bond outside of the office, using goal-oriented tasks, games and challenges not associated with work itself, can pull teams closer together – something that will create greater harmony back in the office. That sense of belonging can also foster loyalty towards the company and each other, which could plant solid roots for the success of your company.

2) Morale

Feeling as though you are an important part of a company’s team also elicits feelings of pride, which can help boost morale inside the workplace. This morale is key for offices to pull through difficult times, be they economic or company specific. And it also helps businesses make greater strides during good times too. High morale shows in a workforce’s input and output, generating a desire to perform well above what is expected, and improving overall performance.

3) Recognition

Reputations can be won and enhanced at corporate events. Not necessarily because of the number of times your team stands on the winners’ podium, but through their attitude and application. Simply being there generates a certain level of exposure for your brand, but it’s the exposure of your ethos that might stand out more. If you approach an event in a positive and professional manner, you may win admirers in the corporate community no matter how many medals you pick up.

4) Networking

With so many people taking part, corporate events are an excellent place to network and develop new business opportunities.

5) Health

Instilling a culture of health and fitness in the workplace has myriad benefits. Not only will there be individual rewards for your team members in terms of their personal wellbeing, but your company will see improvements too. Staff absences will be down, while performance, productivity, employee engagement and retention could all go up. It’s an easy way to ensure your team and your company are in good health, while having fun in the process.


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