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Five Tips To Negotiate Your Job Offer

Five Tips To Negotiate Your Job Offer

Never settle for anything that you feel you don’t deserve, writes Suhail Masri, VP of Sales at

After many interviews and assessments, you have finally landed the job! But wait. What about the job offer? You might end up being disappointed with your offer, and satisfaction is a crucial element for you to accept the job. Don’t say “no” flat out at first, but instead, use these tactics to negotiate the job offer to suit your needs better.

1. Evaluate yourself:

Before you start negotiating with your recruiter, you should have assessed yourself and calculated your worth. You can check websites like to find out what the current salaries that people in the position you have applied for are already getting. Doing your research and including the value-add that you bring to the new organisation should help you determine what you should be quoting to the employer.

2. Don’t be aggressive:

Never be too aggressive while negotiating your job offer. You have to explain why you think you deserve it. Be assertive, but do not lose your cool if the negotiation isn’t going your way. Let the employers know that the salary is not the only thing that matters to you.

3. Keep other benefits in mind:

You should also be considering things in your compensation package other than your salary. This includes health insurance, rent allowance, relocation compensation, maternity and paternity leave, and flexible work timings.

4. Research your ideal company:

Try and gauge your own working style, as well as the company values that are important to you. Find a company or job that suits these criteria. This will definitely make the negotiation process smoother since you are already getting the sort of work environment that suits you the best.

5. Yes and no’s:

You should know when to say yes and when to say no. Prioritise your needs as an employee. Don’t say yes too soon. Assess the offer completely before accepting it. You can even take some time to think it over. Also, be prepared to hear a “no” during the negotiation process. Often, recruiters cannot alter their offer as they are under departmental or budget constraints.

Make sure that the job offer you receive in the end matches the expectations you have from the hiring employer and your new job. Don’t forget to always negotiate your offer with confidence, and never settle for anything that you feel you don’t deserve.


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