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Five Minutes With… Lina Kouatly, MD, Lunatus Marketing & Consulting

Five Minutes With… Lina Kouatly, MD, Lunatus Marketing & Consulting

Over the counter medications are one of the biggest growth areas for medical marketing firms such as Lunatus, says Dr Koualty.

1.What is your company focusing on this year?

From the inception of Lunatus until today we have evolved a lot, our team has grown immensely so have our clients. We are proud to say that we are continuously feeling the uprising growth. We definitely have more experience and strength in the market. We were awarded the 40th company on the Dubai SME’s top 100 companies.

Our main focus this year is to ensure a sustainable growth in our already existing markets and expand further into new regions

2.What new products will your company launch/market this year?

Lunatus introduces and develops profitable brands in the fields of pharmaceuticals, aesthetics & skin care, OTC, consumer health, and medical equipment. We do have a number of new products that we will be releasing in the upcoming year. We will be announcing those once the time comes.

3. Will you be expanding into new territory?

The UAE is by far our most important market, following closely by Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar. We are planning on entering and growing in new markets such as Lebanon and Oman.

4. What are the biggest challenges for UAE businesses in your sector?

There is an immense interest in the UAE markets which is triggering numerous local and international companies to enter this market due its high profitability rate. Due to the plentiful market entries there have been long delays in regulatory processes and it has become one of our biggest challenges

5. What are the advantages in operating in the Gulf market?

Personally working in Gulf Markets is a great advantage for me as I have had 20 years of senior management and strategy positions with various multinational pharmaceutical companies based in the Gulf Markets

6.Are you worried that the current drop in oil prices might crunch the healthcare budgets in the GCC?

The UAE healthcare sector caters to a rapidly growing population and the concurrent increasing demand on the healthcare sector. There is a clear increase of activities in this market especially in over the counter medications. The anticipated decrease in oil prices forecasts may not directly impact our market however they do impact purchasing power which in turn might affect us in the future.

7. Will you be hiring this year?

Yes, we currently have the highest salary bracket in the market in order to ensure we are attracting high calibre employees. For an employee to succeed in a start-up he/she must have belief in the company’s vision and be interested in growing within the company. At Lunatus we make sure to hire employees that hold well recognised doctorate or pharmaceutical degrees

8. What’s your leadership style?

I would like to say that I lead by example; I try to show my team that everything is possible with hard work and steady faith in what you’re doing. I have an open door policy where my team can freely come in and out of my office at any time for assistance or guidance.

9. What makes the perfect employee?

A perfect employee to me is to be committed and not just involved. Plans need to be implemented, and implementation means commitment. I always look for those who will be committed to the company.

10. Define success in five words…

Happiness, progression, monitory and non-monitory rewards, growth and satisfaction

11.Three tips for becoming the boss…

Works hard, have strong vision and ambition and never stay in the comfort zone!

12. When I’m not at work I like to…

I like to stay active! I like to go to the gym and dance! I like to read and watch TV for a quieter mood


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