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Five Minutes with… Jihad El Eit, Founder And CEO, Manoushe Street

Five Minutes with… Jihad El Eit, Founder And CEO, Manoushe Street

The home-cooked style restaurant is planning to expand across the UAE and the wider region, says El Eit.


What is your company focusing on this year?

This year, we are heavily focused on the improvement and the enhancement of Manoushe Street’s standards of operations, while at the same time overseeing the operations of our 8,000 sq ft central kitchen.

Will you be launching any new products?

We are looking forward to launching new additions to our menu next year, preferably around the first quarter of 2014. Our new menu offerings will also be under new categories and are the result of intensive research and development from our kitchen.

Are you planning to expand into new territory?

The overwhelming response that we have received in the UAE has prompted and given us the confidence to look at expanding across newer markets. We are planning to implement an expansion initiative that will see the opening of more Manoushe Street outlets in other parts of the region. Also, we will still continue to expand our presence in the UAE. We have just recently opened a new outlet in Burj Views, Downtown Dubai.

Will you be hiring this year?

Manoushe Street is always on the lookout for key professionals and skilled workers who can help us in our commitment to serve high quality, fully nutritious, home-styled cooked meals.

What are the main challenges you face – your company and the F&B sector as a whole?

At Manoushe Street, the constant challenge is all about locations — where are the good locations and updates on the emergence of newer strategic locations. From an industry perspective, the main challenge is about maintaining the high quality of food and keeping it consistent.

What is your final goal for the company?

Ultimately, I would like to see Manoushe Street grow into being a highly preferred home brand, which would be widely available across at least 10 markets.

What is your leadership style?

My style of leadership is highly interactive and participative — in fact, I always involve my senior staff to join in the decision making process, so that it can be a collective decision. However, I always maintain the final veto on things.

Define success in five words?

Success can be defined as passion, commitment, people, value and aspiration.

When I am not at work, I like to? /

During my spare time, I go to the gym or spend time with family and friends.


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