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Five Minutes With… Deepak Babani, CEO, Eros Group

Five Minutes With… Deepak Babani, CEO, Eros Group

Eros is planning to open five new stores in 2014, confirms CEO Deepak Babani.

How big is the consumer electronics business in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA)? How does your business operate?

Eros Group is involved in the distribution and retailing of consumer electronics (flat panels, audio systems, household appliances, kitchen appliances and personal care products) mobility and related products (mobile and smart phones, tablets and related accessories) networking products (routers and data storage products), security systems (IP cameras and personal security cameras) and cooling products (air conditioners for corporate and individual requirements, industrial cooling as well as related products). The group conducts its business through various channels which include retail chains, independent retail, system integrators and design consultants.

Who are the main clients you work with?

We work with a large network of channel partners which include established names as well as government bodies.

Are you looking at launching any new services or acquiring any new consumer electronic brands in 2014?

We have our ear to the ground and are in discussions with various brands from time to time. But major announcements can only be made when all aspects of the business are in sync. New products are always being launched and we will opening five new stores in 2014.

Is Eros planning to expand into new territory this year?

We have been assessing our entry into selects markets in the MENA region and at the opportune time will make the entry.

Will you be hiring in the next six months?

We are expanding at a fast pace and it is imperative to deliver on customer satisfaction we keep hiring. Having said this we are looking for the right talent. This year we are also expanding on our Emiratisation programme and our targeting certain fairs and universities to encourage local talent to be part of the electronics industry.

What are the main challenges faced by the consumer electronics/ IT distribution marketing industry in the region?

The faster introduction of technologies has resulted in erosion of prices. Also inventory management becomes more complicated as we have to ensure faster movement of goods at the right prices.

How can they be addressed?

Our recruitment of professional logistics personnel and product managers ensures we address the above concerns to the best possible levels.

What are the growth areas currently for your industry?

The smartphone and tablet segment are the main growth areas given new product launches and easier access to data packages. The winning of EXPO 2020 and new power projects will result in more families shifting to the UAE which means household appliances should also foresee growth in the coming years.

What’s your leadership style?

Working with consensus. Build a strong, fearless leadership team, who can put together their heads to get solution and challenges that may arise from time to time.

Three tips for becoming the boss…

Work smart, have passion for what you do, take ownership of what you do.

What makes the perfect employee?

Disciplined and sincere, accountability with responsibility, ambitious.

Define success in five words…

Passion, dedication, hard work, innovation, ownership.

When I’m not at work I like to…

Watch television.


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