Fintech firm Modifi unveils free shipment tracking tool for cross-border commerce
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Fintech firm Modifi unveils free shipment tracking tool for cross-border commerce

Fintech firm Modifi unveils free shipment tracking tool for cross-border commerce

The open-for-all shipment tracking tool helps businesses to track and manage shipments in one glance, on one platform

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Fintech platform Modifi has announced a new free shipment tracking tool available on its trade platform. Businesses from all over the world can sign in to the platform and start tracking their shipments with a few clicks.

The tracking tool enables exporters and importers to make informed decisions and optimise cross-border logistics. It can be accessed via both web and mobile through the company’s website, a statement said.

Additionally, the tool allows customers to access all of their past and current shipment reports in one place. Users may obtain visibility into their transactions and receive notifications on changes, delays, and arrivals by uploading their Bill of Lading or adding in the container ID.

“At Modifi, we understand that for exporters and importers alike, the significance of getting their shipments right is crucial, especially while keeping up with constant supply chain disruptions and accounting for myriad regulations and requirements unique to each location across global commerce. We have introduced free, open access features like shipment tracking and notifications to empower both sellers and buyers to gain more control and predictability across their supply chain.” said Sven Brauer, COO and co-founder of Modifi.

Previously exclusively available to existing clients who used the company’s payment services, the latest upgrade now allows any user to get exact tracking information and notifications through the trading platform at no cost, anytime, and from anywhere.

“We are developing our platform into a comprehensive trade management hub that empowers businesses to optimize their cross-border trade. Our technology is already trusted by thousands of buyers and sellers across 40+ countries. Through the launch of our shipment tracking tool, we want to encourage more businesses to discover MODIFI’s one stop platform that provides more ownership and visibility into their trade journeys. The shipment tracking tool is the first of many trade services to come as we’ll be introducing many more software solutions to help our users optimize their supply chains.” says Nelson Holzner, CEO and co-founder of Modifi.

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