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Fine of up to Dhs50,000 for not informing health authorities about Covid-19 in UAE

Fine of up to Dhs50,000 for not informing health authorities about Covid-19 in UAE

Those who lose any electronic tracking device handed to them, or destroy it, shall also be fined

Public Prosecution

The UAE’s Federal Public Prosecution reiterated on Wednesday that those who fail to report to the health authorities that they are infected with Covid-19 face a fine of up to Dhs50,000.

The Public Prosecution said it is mandatory for a person infected with Covid-19 to visit the Ministry of Health and Prevention or other health authorities to receive medical treatment to enable the authorities to stem the spread of the infection.

It said that Articles 32 and 33 of the Federal Law No. 14 of 2014 concerning the Prevention of Communicable Diseases states, “Upon knowing that he/she is infected with one of the diseases mentioned in Table 1 of this law, the infected person and his/her close contacts should go to the ministry or health authorities to receive medical treatment, advice and awareness of the risks of infection and the ways of transmitting the infection. The infected person must also adhere to the preventive measures, implement prescriptions and adhere to instructions given to him/her, to prevent the transmission of infection to others.”

According to Article 38 of the same law, whoever violates any provisions of these articles shall be subject to imprisonment and/or a fine of not less than Dhs10,000 and not more than Dhs50,000.

It also said that those violating or refraining from installing, registering smart apps, or carrying the electronic tracking devices used for tracking isolation or quarantine cases, or those who lose, destroy or disrupt the network or connection will be fined Dhs10,000 and charged the value of the electronic tracking device.

Those who lose the electronic tracking device or destroy it shall also be fined Dhs1,000, in addition to being charged the value of the device.

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