Facebook Extends Sharing Service
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Facebook Extends Sharing Service

Facebook Extends Sharing Service

The social networking site will now let users know what their friends are doing on other sites.


The world’s most popular social networking site is adding more than 60 partners to its service that lets users tell friends what they’re currently doing online, from listening to music to reading news.

The company is working with Pinterest, Ticketmaster, Rotten Tomatoes and other applications to let users publish their activities on their Facebook pages. With the open-graph system, which was updated last year, users have already been able to use Spotify’s service to show the songs they’re playing.

According to Carl Sjogreen, director of platform product, the platform is now being opened up to all developers. The new partnerships will help make Facebook more of a media hub, stoking competition with Google and Apple. It also opens up new opportunities for advertising and will entice people to spend more time using its features.

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