Expo 2020 Dubai reports three construction-related fatalities, 72 serious injuries
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Expo 2020 Dubai reports three construction-related fatalities, 72 serious injuries

Expo 2020 Dubai reports three construction-related fatalities, 72 serious injuries

Over 200,000 workers have logged more than 247 million work hours since September 2015

Expo 2020 Dubai

Officials from Expo 2020 Dubai confirmed on Sunday, October 2, that there were three work-related fatalities and 72 serious injuries to date during the construction phase of the site.

They added that over 200,000 workers had logged more than 247 million work hours since September 2015.

“Our Accident Frequency Rate (AFR) is 0.03. For comparison, the UK HSE Accident Frequency Rate in the construction sector is 0.07,” it said in a statement.

“We are not complacent. Our Worker Welfare Assurance Standards, which are bound into every contract, set down both UAE law and requirements formulated from International best practice as required by Expo 2020.”

The specific standards around accommodation and sanitary facilities, working hours and rest time and protection from work-related accidents, hazards and illnesses are set down in detail in the Expo 2020 Assurance Standards. The statement went on to add that all contractors and third parties that the Expo worked with, had to comply with not only the Assurance Standards, but also the UAE law and all other regulations issued by local authorities.

It said that a serious injury is classified as any injury that constitutes three days or more off work, which can range from a fractured wrist to treatment for heat stroke.

“Our standards require contractors to develop and implement a Weather Working Plan detailing arrangement for working safely in the heat. All contractors are required to establish calibrated project weather stations which monitor the Thermal Work Limit (TWL), which takes into account wet bulb temperature, dry bulb temperature, globe temperature and wind speed. Contractor plans include specific action levels and arrangements to be undertaken at each level.”

On October 1, the first day that the Expo opened to the public, Reem Al Hashimy, UAE Minister of State for International Cooperation and director general of Expo 2020 Dubai, unveiled the Expo 2020 Workers’ Monument that paid tribute to the workforce responsible for building the site.

The Workers’ Monument, designed by renowned London-based architect Asif Khan, features every worker’s name carved into stone structures. Inspired by the Moon’s metamorphosis in eclipse, the cylindrical columns also reference the traditional science of cartography and the engineering seen in astrolabes from the Islamic world.

The colonnade, comprising columns cut from a single monolithic block, is located along the main walkway of Expo’s Jubilee Park.

Expo 2020 has also developed the Workers’ Portrait Series, which includes images capturing the diversity and spirit of the Expo workforce, accompanied by their own inspiring quotes, highlighting their achievements and aspirations for the future. These images will be proudly displayed during Expo 2020 on the digital screens around the Public Realm, where they will be seen by visitors from around the world. A selection will also be exhibited at the Expo Media Centre Gallery during Expo 2020.

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