Exploring the surging demand for luxury televisions in GCC
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Demand for luxury TVs surging in the GCC, says Samsung

Demand for luxury TVs surging in the GCC, says Samsung

Nikola Aksentijevic, head of Visual Display Division at Samsung Gulf Electronics, asserts that the increasing income levels and purchasing power of consumers in the region are fuelling the demand for premium products

Divsha Bhat

What are the key consumer trends driving the demand for bigger and better screens in the UAE and the region?

The stay-at-home trends during the Covid-19 pandemic had people reimagining their entertainment devices. This led to a surge in premium and large-screen televisions at that time, a trend that has continued since.

Ultra-large screen TVs are highly popular among Gulf residents. Consumers want to enjoy their favourite content on a larger scale with more detail and immersion. Second, streaming services have become more popular, and people want to recreate the cinema experience at home. Ultra-large TVs also offer advanced features such as 8K resolution, AI upscaling, HDR and more.

Across the GCC, consumers’ income levels and purchasing power are rising, driving demand for premium products. In addition, the increase in the sales of luxury homes, particularly in the UAE, has had a knock-on effect on the appliances market – homeowners want their TVs to reflect their new surroundings. In fact, according to 6Wresearch, the UAE Smart television market size is projected to grow 4.6 per cent annually during 2022-2028.

Thirdly, we see a growing preference for immersive and interactive entertainment experiences, like gaming, streaming, and social media. Blockbusters and high-end games feature cutting-edge graphics and sound. The only way to truly enjoy them is through premium TVs.

The UAE also has a rapidly expanding gaming community. Gamers are one of the most demanding audiences in the world and are partial to ultra-large screens, high-quality graphics and powerful processors.

On the flipside, Minimalism is a growing trend among Gulf homeowners. People want clean, clutter-free designs for their entrainment systems. This is why, one of the main unique selling points for our TV line up is Samsung’s One Connect Box and One Connect Cable, which allow you to connect cable TV unit, satellite box, or video game system to a TV or smart monitor without having any unsightly wires dangling from behind the device.

What factors contribute to the growing demand for luxury televisions in the GCC?

The GCC market has a strong appetite for premium televisions owing to general trends toward premium goods and experiences. TVs are no exception; we see increased demand for larger screens and higher-resolution displays. TV sizes beyond 65-inch TVs are increasingly popular as customers seek premium viewing experiences. Premium televisions, such as 4K and 8K models, offering exceptional picture quality, are also becoming more affordable, driving consumer demand.

Streaming services have brought blockbusters to a home audience. Now, customers want to bring the cinema experience home, which has led to a surge in high-quality TVs and related high-end audio that offers an optimal streaming experience.

Samsung offers one-touch access to these streaming services, making the high-quality viewing experience convenient. Through product innovation, Samsung is attracting more content partners to its entertainment ecosystem.

Regional and global partners such as Shahid, OSN+, Disney+, YouTube, TOD and more have collaborated with Samsung to showcase their blockbusters, leveraging the Neo QLED and OLED TVs cutting-edge visuals, true-to-form color reproduction and high-quality surround sound.

We also see TV refresh cycles start to resemble smartphones as consumers take advantage of the latest innovations, such as OLED and Neo QLED. The television industry is constantly evolving to cater to this demand, with new technologies being developed to enhance the viewing experience. Recent advances include quantum dot technology, OLED displays, and HDR, which have all contributed to the growth of the premium television market.

There is also a demand for integration with smart home technology. Premium TVs are now designed to work seamlessly with other smart home devices. Again, Samsung led in this space. Samsung TVs act as a smart entertainment and communication hub of family activity, bringing people together to enjoy shared experiences.

Overall, the premium television market is driven by the demand for the latest technology and features, and consumers are willing to pay a premium for the best possible viewing experience. At Samsung, our commitment towards constant innovation and customer-centric approach to technology and product design means we can respond faster to these trends, which is why Samsung is the preferred brand for homeowners across the Gulf.

How are modern TVs serving as a central hub for seamless smart connectivity, and what are the key features driving this trend?

People arrange their living rooms around the TV; the television is the centrepiece of the living room and, increasingly, the bedroom, family room, and so on.

The seamless integration of TVs with other smart home devices and systems, such as security cameras, lights, AC, and more, enables users to create a customised and convenient smart home environment. For example, you can switch on lights, allow access for visitors, turn on the AC, start the vacuum cleaner etc., all via the convenience of a universal remote, or through your smartphone.

TVs today can do more than just play video content. They are now transforming into gaming devices, video calling platforms, workout companions and more. In the case of Samsung’s The Frame, we designed the TV to resemble art and then collaborated with museums and galleries to turn your TV into a masterpiece. Smart TVs also offer a window to a wide range of apps and the internet and are often an apt replacement for many PC functions.
Further, integrating smart assistants and voice control, such as Bixby, Alexa, etc., enable users to control their TV and other connected devices with their voice.

Finally, the ability to bring all your content, whatever the source, in one place, is a major plus. For example, the Samsung Smart Hub brings all content to one place, so viewers spend less time searching and more time streaming movies, games, and shows they love.

What are the standout features and functionalities of Samsung’s luxury smart home TVs that differentiate them from other brands in the market?

The 2023 Samsung television lineup pushes audiovisual experiences to a whole new level. The 2023 Samsung 8K Neo QLED features Quantum Matrix Technology which delivers brilliant images using innovative Quantum Mini LEDs (1/40th the size of normal LEDs) to deliver more precise light control. We have integrated AI Upscaling technology powered by a unique multi-intelligent processor that automatically learns scene-by-scene to deliver the best viewing experience, regardless of sitting position and angle.

The visuals are matched by premium sound, with Dolby Atmos combining with Samsung’s OTS (Object Tracking Sound) technology to deliver an immersive powerful theatre-like surround sound. Further, Samsung’s Q-Symphony technology allows compatible TVs and soundbars to play sound at the same time in sync to create a more immersive surround sound, eliminating the need to mute TV speakers when using a home theatre system.

Meanwhile, the 2023 77-inch Samsung OLED provides deep blacks, clean whites, and full shades of lively colours through cutting-edge self-illuminating pixels driven by Quantum Dot technology. In addition, with Samsung Quantum HDR OLED+, every pixel responds to create brighter brights and darker darks, delivering 30% more brightness. Meanwhile, a powerful AI-powered Neural Quantum Processor transforms everyday content into 4K.

For gaming enthusiasts, our 2023 lineup features the Motion Xcelerator Turbo Pro & Freesync Premium Pro, which deliver peak performance, consistently crisp 4K visuals and blazing-fast speeds of up to 120hz. For PC gamers, Game Motion Plus goes up to 144hz speed with compatible PC-connected content.

Matching this powerful performance is our innovative design across the new lineup. The 8K Neo QLED and 77-inch Samsung OLED feature a sleek and bezel-less screen that blends seamlessly with any interior design inspired by the Infinity One Design philosophy. Going clutter-free is also easy with the One Connect Box and the One Connect Cable.

The 2023 Smart television range caters to the dramatic shift in customer demand for new experiences. It reinforces Samsung’s commitment to delivering the best entertainment experience to consumers and empowering their lifestyles.

How does Samsung’s TV lineup enhance the overall smart home experience, and what unique integration capabilities does it offer with other smart home devices and systems?

Samsung has integrated SmartThings across its product categories, creating an inclusive ecosystem and an unmatched multi-device experience that enables users to control and transform their environment. We have also worked with global partners to empower consumers to get the most out of their Samsung devices and third-party products they may already own. This simplifies and opens options for connectivity, creating more possibilities for users to tailor their lifestyle experiences.

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