Etisalat Digital unveils cloud-based electronic medical record platform
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Etisalat Digital unveils cloud-based electronic medical record platform in UAE

Etisalat Digital unveils cloud-based electronic medical record platform in UAE

The business unit head of Etisalat supports UAE’s strategic initiative in unifying patient records.

Divsha Bhat

Etisalat Digital has launched its cloud electronic medical record, a solution that allows healthcare providers in the UAE to share data in real time. The solution will meet the government’s mandate for a centralised medical record for ‘every citizen and resident’. The solution intends to connect more than 3,000 UAE-based public and private healthcare providers in the near future.

The cloud-based electronic medical record (EMR) platform addresses some of the pertinent challenges that private independent healthcare practices may face in adopting an electronic patient record system. Etisalat’s SD-WAN solution connects all the authorised clinics/pharmacies to a secure and central database.

Salvador Anglada, group chief business officer, Etisalat, said: “Etisalat’s new healthcare solution will leverage on its strength in advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence(AI), cloud computing, 5G and internet of things supporting the digital transformation of the health sector as well as key national health initiatives.”

Recently, the telco also launched a comprehensive suite of collaboration solutions for enterprises in the UAE, offering more value to customers that want to connect and work in real time. Businesses may now choose among Etisalat’s CloudTalk Meeting, Avaya Spaces, Cisco Webex, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom as collaboration options. The organisation promotes business continuity and remote working by allowing companies to select their preferred solution depending on their needs and overall business objectives.

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