Emirati Graduates Expect To Earn Dhs27,000 A Month
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Emirati Graduates Expect To Earn Dhs27,000 A Month

Emirati Graduates Expect To Earn Dhs27,000 A Month

UAE nationals choose public over private sector jobs with investment firm Mubadala the company of choice.


UAE nationals would choose to work for government firms rather than multinational companies or in the private sector, with Mubadala the most popular company to work for, a recent survey has found.

If there was still any doubt after the government’s proposals to make private sector jobs more appealing, a report by GulfTalent.com found that 86 per cent of male graduates and 66 per cent of their female counterparts choose government firms as their first choice of employment.

The survey, which polled students from ten leading academic institutions in the UAE, found that multinational corporations were an Emirati’s second choice while just four per cent of males and 10 per cent of females preferred private companies.

Reasons for favouring public bodies included higher salaries, better working conditions and greater job security.

Male graduates said they expect to earn a minimum of Dhs27,000 a month at their first job, while their female peers expect to receive Dhs19,000.

Graduates also highlighted the attraction of working in a predominantly Emirati workplace, better ensuring shared habits and respect for their cultures and values.

Female graduates also noted a desire to work at companies that had separate sections for women while 94 per cent said their families played a role in their decision, from discussion to actually making the choice.

Abu Dhabi investment firm Mubadala was named the number one UAE employer to work for, with Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) and Masdar in second and third position.

Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation (ENEC) and the Abu Dhabi Executive Council made up the top five places.

Based on statistics from the UAE Labour Ministry, over 90 per cent of the Emirati working population of 225,000 are employed in the public sector.

The UAE private sector, despite employing over 4 million expatriates, is only home to 22,000 citizens.

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