Emirates to screen football finals live on flights to and from England

The finals of the UEFA Europa League will be shown live inflight on May 29 and the Champions League final on June 1

Dubai airline Emirates will screen the finals of the UEFA Europa League on May 29 and the Champions League on June 1 live on all flights to and from England.

The matches will be aired on the flight sports channel, Sport 24, a statement said.

With two all-English finals, the airline said it has made “special arrangements” to ensure all the 23 Emirates flights operating to and from England during match times are equipped with Live TV. This includes flights to and from London Heathrow, London Gatwick, London Stansted, Manchester, Newcastle and Birmingham.

Emirates will also be screening the matches live on the 55-inch screen at the onboard lounge on select A380s, which is open to first and business class passengers.

The airline said it expected an estimated 70,000 travellers to watch the finals mid-flight.

Emirates currently has 175 aircraft equipped with Live TV including all Boeing 777 and select Airbus A380s.

On A380s that do not feature Live TV, passengers can get score updates by using the complimentary wifi – available on all Emirates flights, the statement said.

The airline offers 20MB of free wifi data or unlimited use of messaging apps for two hours.

The airline said it will also stream more events live on Sport 24 next month including the NBA Finals, the French Open, and the FIFA Women’s World Cup Final.

UEFA Europa League Final on May 29

EK05DXB-LHR 29-May11:4519:15
EK18MAN-DXB 29-May13:0020:15
EK02LHR-DXB 29-May13:2020:20
EK16LGW-DXB 29-May13:3020:35
EK32LHR-DXB 29-May18:5001:50
EK04LHR-DXB 29-May19:4002:35
EK34STN-DXB 29-May20:1003:10
EK20MAN-DXB 29-May20:1503:25
EK38BHX-DXB 29-May20:4003:55
EK10LGW-DXB 29-May20:4503:35

UEFA Champions League Final on June 1

EK05DXB-LHR 01-Jun11:4519:15
EK36NCL-DXB 01-Jun12:4519:59
EK18MAN-DXB 01-Jun13:0020:15
EK40BHX-DXB 01-Jun13:2020:25
EK02LHR-DXB 01-Jun13:2020:20
EK16LGW-DXB 01-Jun13:3020:35
EK30LHR-DXB 01-Jun15:5522:50
EK32LHR-DXB 01-Jun18:5001:50
EK04LHR-DXB 01-Jun19:4002:35
EK34STN-DXB 01-Jun20:1003:10
EK20MAN-DXB 01-Jun20:1503:25
EK38BHX-DXB 01-Jun20:4003:55
EK10LGW-DXB 01-Jun20:4503:35