Emirates handled 1.2 million customers in Dubai across July-August
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Emirates handled 1.2 million customers in Dubai across July-August

Emirates handled 1.2 million customers in Dubai across July-August

Last year, the airline handled roughly 402,000 passengers in Dubai over the same period

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Emirates said that it handled nearly 1.2 million passengers at its hub in Dubai across July and August this year.

Last year, across the same two months the airline handled roughly only a third of that number at 402,000 passengers in Dubai.

In 2020, Emirates was reportedly the largest international airline carrying over 15.8 million passengers, according to IATA’s latest World Air Transport Statistics 2021.

The airline has restored its network and flight schedules to over 120 destinations, with more flights to be layered onto more than 20 Emirates routes by October.

The carrier has over 30 biometric cameras in active operation at its Dubai airport hub, including at check-in counters, at the entrances of its First and Business Class lounges, and select boarding gates.

Over 58,000 customers have already used this contactless and secure verification option to access the Emirates Lounge, and more than 380,000 customers have used biometric gates to board their flight.

Emirates confirmed that it is working closely with Dubai airport stakeholders including the immigration team (GDRFA) to re-activate Smart Gates that enable eligible travellers to pass through the passport control swiftly on arrival and departure.

Emirates’ new self-service check-in and bag drop kiosks were introduced in September 2020. In July and August alone, over 568,000 availed of this facility. The airline will introduce six additional self-service check-in and bag drop kiosks in its First and Business Class terminal area this month.

Emirates signed up for IATA’s Travel Pass in April and offers option to use it for customers flying between Dubai and 10 cities. By October, it intends to extend the implementation of IATA Travel Pass for customers at all of its destinations.

The airline implemented a company-wide campaign to encourage employees to get vaccinated against Covid-19, and as a result over 95 per cent of all employees being fully vaccinated.

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