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Emirates A380 Scare Was Just ‘Door Noise’

Emirates A380 Scare Was Just ‘Door Noise’

Airline says no upper deck doors opened mid-flight, nor was there any loss in cabin pressure

Emirates has rejected claims by a British tourist, printed in the Daily Mail, that an emergency exit on a superjumbo “blew open at 27,000ft”.

In a statement seen by Gulf Business, Emirates said there were “a few critical falsehoods” in the report. The airline said the noise from the door was caused by a small dimensional difference between the inflated door seal and the door lower frame striker plate, when the door is in the closed position.

“There was no point during the incident where the safety of the flight was in jeopardy. In addition, the green light next to the door does not represent that the door is open. It is an Attendant Indication Panel and is used for communication information for the Cabin Crew.”

Blankets were placed around the door to stop the whistling emanating from the door, not to prevent the door from opening.

Emirates stated that at no time during the flight did one of the upper deck doors open and nor was there any loss in cabin pressurisation at any time during the flight. “This is currently under investigation in conjunction with Airbus. Emirates have now fixed the problem.”


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