Emirates announces revised Hong Kong flight schedules

Passengers affected by the cancellation of the Emirates flights on Monday will be rebooked on its flights departing on Tuesday

On Monday, Emirates cancelled two of its flights, EK384 from Bangkok to Hong Kong and EK385 from Hong Kong to Bangkok.

The announcement came on the same day that Hong Kong International Airport on Monday cancelled all departures on Monday, and asked passengers not to travel to the airport.

However, Emirates has now issued a statement confirming the resumption of its flight to Hong Kong on Tuesday, but with revised timings.

It said that EK 386 from Dubai to Hong Kong will depart at 8pm on Tuesday, while EK 387 from Hong Kong to Dubai will depart at 1.07pm.

It also said that two more flights from Hong Kong to Dubai EK 381 and EK 383 will depart at 1.04pm and 1.01pm, respectively.

Also, passengers affected by the cancellation of flights on Monday will be rebooked on the departing flights out of Hong Kong on Tuesday.

Hong Kong is in the midst of a prolonged anti-government protests, with thousands of protestors believed to have occupied the airport on Monday.

Hong Kong has been seeing mass demonstrations and protests since June sparked by a controversial extradition bill, which has since been suspended.