Eid Al Adha: Abu Dhabi announces Covid-19 precautionary measures
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Eid Al Adha: Abu Dhabi announces Covid-19 precautionary measures

Eid Al Adha: Abu Dhabi announces Covid-19 precautionary measures

Authorities have recommended avoiding social gatherings, and urged people to meet their families and friends virtually


Abu Dhabi has issued guidelines for the public to be followed during the Eid Al Adha celebrations to avoid the spread of Covid-19.

The emirate’s Emergency, Crisis and Disasters Committee has recommended avoiding social gatherings, and instead meeting with friends and family virtually.

It also urged the public to follow all the coronoavirus precautionary measures including practising frequent hand washing, wearing masks and social distancing.

Meanwhile individuals under 12 and over 60 years old, as well as those with chronic illnesses or respiratory symptoms, may not attend public Eid prayers, the committee said.

This also applies to individuals living with patients undergoing Covid-19 treatment as well as those living with someone in contact with Covid-19 patients.

The committee also urged those attending public Eid prayers to avoid gathering, shaking hands, or offering greetings in the traditional manner before or after the Eid prayer.

The committee also issued guidelines for sacrifices during Eid Al Adha including the setting up of dedicated animal drop-off and collection points, and the use of Zabehaty, Zabayeh Al Jazeera and Dhabayeh UAE apps to simplify the process.

Sacrificial donations, distributions and payments are to be arranged with charitable organisations within the UAE.

Sacrifices will only be permitted at approved abattoirs that provide drive-through services to customers, the committee said.

“Procuring the services of itinerant butchers offering at-home services is prohibited. Distributions to friends must take place in adherence with all safety measures,” the committee added.

Abu Dhabi also announced new guidelines set to take effect from Monday, July 19, including the resumption of the National Sterilisation Programme and reducing capacity at public venues such as beaches, gyms, parks, cinemas and malls.

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