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Egypt to appoint global firm to tighten airport security

Egypt to appoint global firm to tighten airport security

The government is expected to appoint a security firm by the end of December to review airport safety


Egypt’s government will soon appoint an international security firm to tighten security in its airports, officials said in a statement said.

The government has met with several security firms, which have specific expertise in aviation, the statement added. Officials are expected to appoint a firm by the end of December.

The appointed security firm will audit aviation security at Egypt’s airports and will review safety procedures and equipment. It will also be required to make recommendations to the government to improve the safety, train personnel and conduct periodic assessments.

The move to tighten security comes after a Russian jet was allegedly downed over Sinai province by a bomb concealed in a can. The incident, which killed 224 people, was claimed by the militant group Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant.

Although Egyptian authorities disputed claims of the crash being a terrorist act, both Russia and the United Kingdom suspended flights to the Egyptian holiday spot Sharm Al Sheikh following the attack. The cancellation of flights raised questions regarding the effectiveness of Egypt’s airport security.

The Egyptian government said that it is taking steps to ensure improved security and said that it “is committed to take swift, transparent action in order to provide the best practices in security measures.”

Egypt also recently passed an audit by the International Civil Aviation Organisation, which included representatives from Russian, Dutch, Emirati and Italian airlines. Furthermore, Egypt is also collaborating with British, German and Russian government delegations, which have been reviewing and providing recommendations related to security, officials said.

The suspension of flights by the UK and Russia has severely impacted Egypt’s tourism sector, which was gradually recovering after years of unrest.

“Foreign visitors make a vital contribution to the Egyptian economy, and we are taking all necessary steps to further strengthen security for the tourism sector,” said Egypt’s minister of tourism Hesham Zaazou.

“Key ministries, under leadership of the Prime Minister, are working in close collaboration to make urgent enhancements to airport security.”


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