Why vertical take-off crafts have a bright future in the UAE: EANAN
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Why vertical take-off crafts have a bright future in the UAE: EANAN

Why vertical take-off crafts have a bright future in the UAE: EANAN

EANAN’s eVTOLs are zero-emission and designed to carry heavy cargo as well as passenger transportation

Marisha Singh

Dubai, known for being an early adopter of technology and innovative solutions, is witnessing a shift when it comes to the future of transportation as homegrown companies such as EANAN, push the boundaries in air travel.

The UAE-based technology company is pioneering Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) through strategic developments and local manufacturing. Marking a significant milestone, EANAN recently unveiled a Dubai-made unmanned aircraft, positioning itself among the country’s flag-bearer in realising commercially operational air mobility in the city.


EANAN’s state-of-the-art eVTOL (electric vertical take-off and landing) aircraft, are engineered and manufactured in Dubai.

They are zero-emission and designed to carry heavy cargo as well as passenger transportation. Manufactured in the country for safe, efficient, and secure inter-and intra-city travel, EANAN’s fleet promises to redefine the way we interact with transport vehicles.

Ali Al Ameemi, EANAN’s CEO emphasised the prevailing need for accessible, efficient, and eco-friendly transportation solutions. “Our objective is to become the pioneering commercial air mobility entity in Dubai. AAM holds the transformative potential to alleviate traffic congestion, expedite goods delivery, aid emergency response, and monitor remote facilities, reshaping economies and societies.”

He underscores the company’s roots which are entrenched in Dubai’s spirit of innovation. EANAN which means ‘from the sky’ aims to contribute significantly to the UAE’s emergence as a global leader in AAM.

Al Ameemi echoed this sentiment, stating, “As a Dubai-born entity, we strive to embody the city’s ethos, energy, and vision for what’s achievable today and in the future. We are committed to catalysing the UAE’s evolution into an innovation epicenter and a frontrunner in AAM.”

Strategic collaborations

EANAN recently signed a strategic collaboration with the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority (DCAA). This partnership underscores a shared commitment to propel air mobility through research and development (R&D) endeavors within the UAE.

The MoU establishes a framework for joint R&D initiatives, prioritising aviation safety and security for unmanned heavy cargo and eVTOL aircraft in Dubai, said EANAN in its statement. It aims to bolster regulatory standards for innovative unmanned aerial vehicles and create specialised testing zones, fostering comprehensive industry development.

Mohammed Abdulla Ahli, CEO of DCAA, affirmed the authority’s dedication to regulating unmanned aerial vehicle operations in Dubai. He emphasised their role in overseeing airspace for such activities, approving air routes, and setting high standards in alignment with global aviation norms.


Ahmad Ali Belqazi, executive director of Aviation Safety and Environment Sector at DCAA, highlighted their enthusiasm to collaborate with EANAN. “Our partnership signifies our commitment to elevate the emirate’s aviation prowess, particularly in nurturing a homegrown eVTOL company.”


During the Dubai Airshow, EANAN showcased its groundbreaking aircrafts, the S-120 and S-700 Heavy Cargo models. These aircraft, embody cutting-edge technology along with a focus on environmental sustainability.

Ameemi stressed the differentiated capacities of various unmanned aerial vehicles, emphasising their ability to cater to diverse needs, ranging from carrying small grocery payloads to heavier cargo capacities ranging between 250 to 450 kilograms, teasing at something more remarkable in the pipeline.

Regarding deployment timelines, the CEO outlined a meticulous process focusing on certification, anticipating pilot delivery projects within a year. He shared insights into the company’s commitment to green technology, utilising zero-emission battery and hydrogen solutions, ensuring the nascent industry is environmentally conscious from the get-go.

The path ahead

EANAN’s vision aligns with forecasts, projecting substantial growth for the advanced Air Mobility industry by 2035. The company’s CEO emphasised the industry’s potential to reach $28bn in another five years, highlighting the scale up the industry is expected to witness and the consequent transformation in air transport globally.

EANAN’s strategic collaborations, commitment to innovation, and dedication to environmentally friendly solutions converge to shape the future of transportation.

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