Dubai’s Sustainable City partners with Efate on e-waste recycling
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Dubai’s Sustainable City partners with Efate on e-waste recycling

Dubai’s Sustainable City partners with Efate on e-waste recycling

The Emirati recycling firm to set up e-waste collection point in the community


The Sustainable City, an eco-friendly housing development in Dubai, has installed a new electronic waste (e-waste) collection point in the community.

The 24-hour e-waste drop-off station is built by Efate, an Emirati company involved in electronic and electrical waste management.

Residents and the public can drop their used electronics at this station, where they will be collected and taken to a recycling facility and separated. Electronics in working condition will be donated to charity. Efate says it will also attempt to refurbish and repair items whenever possible and hand them out for free to those in need.

After disassembly, useful components that contain vital raw materials are reused in manufacturing new products while unserviceable parts are crushed without causing any harmful emissions, it adds.

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Recyclable e-waste including laptops, printers, tablets, mobile phones, CPUs, TVs, stereos, and other electronic items will be collected at the station. Efate also offers free pick-up for large electronic items.

Faris Saeed, CEO, and co-founder of Diamond Developers, the company behind The Sustainable City, notes that 50 million tonnes of e-waste are discarded per year with only 20 per cent of that is recycled properly.

“As a responsible society, we need to identify better methods and means of not just disposing of the e-waste but, most importantly, reusing and recycling it-the partnership with Efate is one step towards this direction. We encourage everyone, not only our residents and neighbours, to come and drop off their unused and unwanted electronic items at this drop-off station so that we can divert that waste from landfill and make important strides in our mission towards a cleaner future,” he added.

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