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Dubai’s RTA tells residents to avoid public transport

Dubai’s RTA tells residents to avoid public transport

The number of taxi passengers have been limited to two per taxi, and they must occupy only the rear seat

On Wednesday, Dubai’s Road and Transport Authority (RTA) advised residents in the emirate to avoid using public transport unless absolutely necessary, reported official news agency WAM.

The RTA issued several other directives related to public transport in the Dubai and began implementing measures related to social distancing between metro users on Wednesday, restricting the number of riders using the metro at any given time to contain the possible transmission of the Covid-19 virus.

Dubai RTA
Image courtesy: WAM

Some of the other measures that will now be implemented across public modes of transport in Dubai include the following:

– The number of taxi passengers have been limited to two per taxi, and they must occupy only the rear seat.

– Bus doors will be controlled by the driver. The front and middle doors will be opened, while the rear door will remain shut.

– All bus shelters in Dubai have been closed temporarily.

– The number of journeys and the frequency of services on the Dubai Metro has been increased.

– The number of riders per metro and bus journey will be controlled in order to maintain a safe distance between passengers.

– Public transport users should use protective equipment while moving around in public areas.

The RTA has also asked those who must use public transport to plan their journeys in advance, avoid peak hours and to expect delays as a result of the new measures that enforce the social distancing protocols.

The UAE authorities have already told residents across the country to stay at home unless it’s absolutely necessary to get essential supplies, such as food and medicine, or to perform “essential jobs”.

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All schools and colleges across the country have activated remote learning education programmes for its students who remain at home on account of the closure of all educational facilities until April 5.

Beginning March 10, the Dubai government commenced the introduction of a work-from-home policy for selected federal departments in the emirate.

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On Wednesday, Dubai Economy, the entity that regulates businesses in the emirate, has instructed all private sector firms and commercial establishments sans pharmacies, cooperative societies, grocery stores, and supermarkets, to implement a remote working system for 80 per cent of its employees. The directive for the private sector will remain in force from March 25 until April 9.

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