Dubai’s RTA Launches Drone Service To Monitor Projects
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Dubai’s RTA Launches Drone Service To Monitor Projects

Dubai’s RTA Launches Drone Service To Monitor Projects

The Roads and Transport Authority said that drones help access areas that are unreachable through human means and can also be used during emergencies on roads.


Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has launched the drone service to monitor completed phases of its important projects across the emirate, the agency said in a statement.

The use of drones will eliminate the cumbersome traditional steps in following up on a project, RTA said.

“We have recently conducted a practical test run by flying a drone to monitor the implementation phases of Jumeirah Beach Walkway Project, street lighting units, and completed phases of the Dubai Water Canal project,” said Abdullah Al Madani, CEO of RTA Corporate Technical Support Services Sector.

“The test has several benefits as it has provided us with a holistic view of the sites and projects to follow up the completion phases.”

He added that the drone service can be used in cases of crisis and emergencies on the roads to monitor the adverse impacts on a large scale.

Madani also said that the drone service helped to reach areas that are inaccessible through conventional human means.

“Examples of such inaccessible places are the upper parts of the metro stations, and underneath bridges to inspect or identify the parts that need maintenance,” he said.

“The remotely controlled device is capable of taking images of more than one location as the aircraft is programmable to access a series of places and taking photos.”

The drone service also serves both the first strategic goal of ‘Smart Dubai,’ and the seventh strategic goal of RTA Excellence, the official said.

Earlier this year, the UAE announced that it plans to use unmanned aerial drones to deliver official packages and documents to its citizens in a bid to upgrade government services.

Mohammed al-Gergawi, a minister of cabinet affairs, said that the drones would be tested for durability and efficiency in Dubai for six months, before being introduced across the UAE within a year.

Services would initially include delivery of identity cards, driving licences and other permits.


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