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Dubai’s Port Rashid carries out 607k transactions in first nine months

Dubai’s Port Rashid carries out 607k transactions in first nine months

Electronic clearance accounted for 72 per cent of all transactions

Port Rashid in Dubai carried out near 607,000 transactions in the first nine months of 2017, boosted by Dubai Customs’ smart innovations.

The port dealt with 606,922 transactions by the end of September, with electronic clearance taking the lion’s share, according to Dubai Media Office – accounting for 438,220 transactions, or 72 per cent of the overall total. Insurance registration accounted for 98,236 transactions (16 per cent), while the new smart customs cards for vehicles accounted for 39,848 transactions (7 per cent).

Director of Jebel Ali Customs Centres Management, Yousef Al Hashimi, said: “The increase in customs transactions is indicative of Dubai’s important status as a leading trade hub, and a good manifestation of the healthy economic growth that the emirate has despite the volatile markets.

“Dubai Customs has worked hard and flawlessly to sustain the growth by introducing world class services and innovative products to its clients using the latest devices and practices in support of legitimate trade.”

Abdul Azziz Al Sulman, senior director of Port Rashid Customs Centre, added: “There is a considerable progress in the number of transactions carried out by the centre thanks to the world-class advanced technologies applied. This puts Dubai Customs in the forefront of world customs business, especially with the distinctive reputation Dubai enjoys worldwide.”


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