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Dubai’s Population To Grow 5% In 2014

Dubai’s Population To Grow 5% In 2014

Males constitute 75 per cent of Dubai’s current population, indicating a gender imbalance in the emirate, a new report says.

Dubai’s population is estimated to grow an additional five per cent in 2014 from its current 2.2 million, according to the latest report from Dubai Statistics Centre (DSC).

The emirate’s population recorded a growth of five per cent in 2013 with the majority of its population being men, local daily Gulf News said quoting the report.

About 75 per cent of the residents in Dubai are men with the ratio of men to women reported to be 313 males per 100 females.

The figures indicate a gender imbalance among the city’s general population, the report said.

The imbalance was mainly due to the large number of expatriates working in Dubai, most of whom are males who fall in the working age bracket but are unaccompanied by their families.

Almost two-thirds of the population in Dubai falls between the age of 20 and 39, the report added.

The number of active people who work in Dubai but reside in another emirate account for an additional one million to the population, the report said.

A previous report from DSC revealed that there were 1,041,705 daily visitors last year, up two per cent from 2012.

The UAE is expected to witness steady population growth over the next few years as it aims to become a regional hub in the Middle East.

According to the World Urbanisation Prospects report released by the UN in 2013, the UAE’s urban population is expected to amount to 7.9 million by 2020, growing at an average annual rate of 2.3 per cent between 2010 and 2020.

City dwellers in the UAE are estimated to account for 86.7 per cent of the country’s population by 2020, up 84 per cent from 2010, the report said.


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