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Dubai’s new HR law provides more annual leave, remote working option

Dubai’s new HR law provides more annual leave, remote working option

The process of granting promotion has become simpler under the new law

Sheikh Mohammed

The Dubai government has approved a new Human Resources (HR) law which will provide more annual leaves to workers and allow them to work remotely.

Under the law, which was approved by UAE Vice President and Prime Minister and Dubai’s ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, annual leave for employees of grade 8 to 11 has been increased to 25 working days from 22 working days. Meanwhile employees of grade 7 and less will get 18 working days instead of 15 working days.

The grieving holiday for second degree relatives has also been increased to five working days from three days.

The new law also grants employees a five-day fully paid leave to prepare for research, projects and graduation thesis.

It expands the air ticket entitlement for Emirati employees without limiting the number of dependents. Dependents up to 21 years old are covered by the ticket entitlement instead of the previous age limit of 18 years.

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Government workers have also been given the option of ‘remote working’ where they don’t necessarily have to be present in the office. They can also be entitled to overtime payment subject to the written approval of their line manager.

The process of granting promotion has become simpler under the new law, according to the government.

Employees with a “satisfactory annual review” are eligible for promotion and a detailed employee performance management system will soon be issued that features amendments to the current system, a statement said.

The new law also allows employees to apply for internal positions and will provide opportunities for UAE nationals looking for jobs and internships.

Special privileges will be granted to people with determination, and they will be eligible for shorter working hours if needed, subject to medical approval.

The new law will also allow government entities to issue regulations and decisions that suit the nature of their operations.

It calls for greater cooperation between government agencies and more robust exchange of expertise and transfer of knowledge between government agencies through external secondment.

“We are committed to providing a supportive environment for all employees of the government of Dubai, as the performance of the government sector is key to our development journey,” said Sheikh Mohammed.

“Our objective is to ensure a strong work life balance and stability for all government employees. We have also issued directives to provide all means of assistance to them regardless of their positions and responsibilities in order to help them realise their full creative potential.”

The new law, set o be fully implemented by 2019, includes 141 clauses instead of the previous 231 clauses, and features new clauses in areas such as Emiratisation, scholarship, learning and development.

It can be reviewed by the chairman of The Executive Council whenever needed, and amended without revising the whole law, the statement said.


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