Pictures: Dubai's Meraas opens trailers, adventure hub, water jump park in Hatta
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Pictures: Dubai’s Meraas opens trailers, adventure hub, water jump park in Hatta

Pictures: Dubai’s Meraas opens trailers, adventure hub, water jump park in Hatta

The new additions include zip lines and lodges


Dubai developer Meraas on Tuesday opened a series of new hospitality and leisure attractions in Hatta, a Dubai enclave on the UAE’s border with Oman.

Among the openings, first announced in July, are the Hatta Wadi Hub adventure centre and water jump park Hatta Drop-in.

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The developer also opened the Hatta Domani Lodges and the Hatta Sedr Trailers hospitality experience.

“Our projects will establish the position of Hatta as National Park and a leading eco-tourism destination, through offering a comprehensive global experience while showcasing and protecting the natural environment,” said Meraas group chairman Abdulla Al Habbai.

“In conjunction with our partners we aim to play an important role in terms of education and raising awareness, through attracting more visitors to Hatta, to meet its people, discover its nature and landmarks which form a part of Hatta’s fabric.”

The Hatta Wadi Hub offers paid and free options including mountain biking coaching and rentals, kayaking, hiking, downhill carting, a human slingshot, axe throwing, archery, freefall jumps, rope courses, wall climbing, trampolines and zip lines.

The accompanying Hatta Drop-in is described as Asia’s first water jump park and has various slide, jump and donut rides.

Meanwhile, the Hatta Domani Lodges and Hatta Sedr Trailers are designed as an eco tourism experience, with the former offering three different types of lodges spanning the biking trails near the Wadi Hub.

Hatta Sedr Trailers feature separate trailers with their own terraces and a shared common area featuring fire pit and barbecue facilities. Alternative accommodation is also available at the Hatta Campsite and Hatta Caravan Park.

Other upcoming openings include the Riad Hatta boutique hotel, which is due to open in the fourth quarter of next year.

Meraas is also rolling out Hatta Zorbing for adventure enthusiasts and various food and tour options managed by Emiratis.

In addition, it is working with Dubai Municipality to redevelop Hatta’s old heritage village and traditional market with new stores and a majilis for citizens.

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