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Dubai’s Crown Prince Sheikh Hamdan Launches New 2021 Initiative

Dubai’s Crown Prince Sheikh Hamdan Launches New 2021 Initiative

Under the new initiative, the government will “compete with the private sector” in terms of the caliber of service it provides.

Dubai’s government will work as a single entity and provide service on the same standards as the private sector, according to a new initiative launched on Monday.

The 2021 Initiative was launched by Dubai’s Crown Prince Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum during the Government Summit in Dubai.

On stage, Sheikh Hamdan briefly said: “Along with exceptional leaders, we have exceptional people,” alluding to the previous presentation on leadership given by Sheikh Saif Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, deputy PM and Minister of Interior in the UAE.

In line with the message of smart e-governance strongly communicated during the summit, Sheikh Hamdan elaborated on the initiative on Twitter.

“Today we set our goals for the government of Dubai in 2021, as we march confidently towards the future and new horizons,” he tweeted.

“In a first of its kind initiative, the government aims to compete with the private sector in terms of the caliber of service it provides.

“There should be no more talks of multiple departments and agencies. The government works as one: one ID, one phone number, one center and one employee.

“We’re confident of the ability of the leadership and staff of Dubai government to reach targets on time, always dedicated to working for public good.

“It’s now time to use our skills and expertise to show what this government can offer, not just to Dubai, but also to the world.

“We should all work as one, the strong supporting the weak, as we look towards 2021 when everyone will witness the arrival of Dubai government.

He added: “Our ambitious and entrepreneurial, innovative ideas will be implemented by Dubai government and the world will seek to learn from our experience.”

Sheikh Hamdan is currently overseeing the implementation of the Dubai Smart City project, which was launched in October last year by Dubai’s ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

The project will ensure that government services are accessible, quick and efficient through the use of hi-tech smart devices.

It will also enable the public to transact with public departments using smartphones any time, any day of the year and provide information on weather, traffic, transport, health and education, as well as entertainment and tourist services such as aviation services and restaurants.


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