Dubai launches initiative to boost ease of doing business
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Dubai launches initiative to boost ease of doing business

Dubai launches initiative to boost ease of doing business

The streamlined process contributes to bolstering Dubai’s competitiveness as a business-friendly destination

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Dubai’s Department of Economy and Tourism (DET) has launched a unique commercial identification provided to all businesses in the city to streamline business processes.

The Dubai Unified Licence (DUL), as commercial identification is known, is issued to existing and newly established businesses operating with either a mainland or a free zone licence.

The initiative, which was launched in collaboration with the Dubai Free Zones Council, consolidates all economic establishments in Dubai and the emirate’s free zones into a single platform for data management, collation and sharing.

The initiative seeks to standardise and streamline business processes in accordance with global best practices while ensuring that the latest company records are maintained within the registry.

Dubai’s streamlined approach

By simplifying the setup and operational procedures for businesses, DUL enhances efficiency and reduces the time required for companies to establish and manage their operations.

The streamlined process contributes to bolstering Dubai’s competitiveness as a business-friendly destination. DET said such efficiency will boost the city’s attractiveness to foreign investors and entrepreneurs seeking a hassle-free business environment – further cementing Dubai’s status as the Middle East business hub.

Furthermore, the unified digital platform ensures greater transparency and ease of access to business-related information, which will enhance the emirate’s appeal as a dynamic and trustworthy investment destination.

Consequently, these features collectively strengthen Dubai’s position on the global economic stage, aligning perfectly with its aspiration to be recognised as one of the top three cities worldwide for business and investment.

Companies will undergo thorough validation, verification and screening to receive their unique digital identity. To date, DET has issued over 50,000 licences, with plans to issue more in the coming period, covering all registered companies in the mainland and free zones.

“The ‘Dubai Unified Licence’, a key initiative within the Dubai Economic Agenda (D33), exemplifies our dedication to facilitating ease of doing business, promoting transparency, and embracing digital-first practices,” said Helal Saeed Almarri, director general of the Dubai DET.

“Seamlessly integrating with Dubai’s advanced digital technology infrastructure, it harnesses our smart city capabilities to drive business growth and strengthen Dubai’s position among the world’s top three global cities.”

Dubai Unified Licence

The DUL facilitates easy access to company information for government entities, service providers and the public. Businesses are allocated a licence number specific to the mainland or free zone authority of their incorporation, promoting efficiency, transparency, and accountability.

With a digital repository and consent capability, the DUL enables instant data sharing between government entities, the private sector and service providers. Similarly, the DUL reinforces the compliance framework outlined in the national AML/CFT strategy, ensuring the integrity of the UAE economy and the global financial system.

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