Dubai Taxi Corporation Launches Windows 8 Mobile App

The new app is designed to help users who suffer from hearing disabilities.

Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC) has pre-launched its new mobile app that will allow users to book taxis, track the car’s journey and calculate the fare.

The new application will enable users to provide feedback on their journey and is also designed to help users who suffer from hearing disabilities.

Launched at Gitex Technology Week, the app will run on the Windows 8 platform, making it available to Nokia smartphone users and tablets produced by Dell and Microsoft.

“DTC is honoured to launch a service customised for the hearing impaired where it will allow them to travel & communicate comfortably with our taxis,” said Ahmed Mohammed Al Hammadi, acting CEO of DTC.

“Microsoft has done an excellent job in making the application easy and very friendly to use.”

The app includes images of popular destinations and landmarks across Dubai, such as malls and hospitals that can be used to guide the taxi drivers to the desired destination.

We believe that this application will help facilitate the exchange of information for Dubai Taxi Corporation users with hearing disabilities, and through the natural interface of Windows, they will be able to communicate better with their surroundings,” said Samer Abu Ltaif, regional general manager at Microsoft Gulf.

“We know this App is an important step in supporting the plan of transforming Dubai to a Smart City.”