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Dubai Taxi Corp to rent out 119 smart school buses

Dubai Taxi Corp to rent out 119 smart school buses

The buses will text parents when their children are picked up or dropped off

Roads and Transport Authority unit Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC) has announced a deal to rent 119 ‘smart school buses’ to Nasser Al Razooqi Trading Group.

The buses are equipped with new safety technology and will serve two private schools, according to Dubai Media Office.

Features include surveillance cameras with footage visible from a control centre to identity if students are left onboard and a GPS guided text message system to inform parents when their children board or disembark the bus.

“This contract with DTC to operate 119 school buses is a positive step towards supporting the Public-Private Partnership (PPP). It will also broaden the scope of school transport in Dubai Emirate and provide high-class services of a fleet of smart buses to fulfil the needs of future generations,” said group chairman Nasser Al Razooqi.

Yousef Al Ali, CEO of DTC, said the company has contracts to procure 130 schools due to increasing demand.

Its current fleet comprises 143 buses, with plans for up to 650 by 2021.


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